Covid 19 - In the light of Astrology

The epidemic of COVID-19 has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and the virus has now spread to many countries and territories. This has changed the lifestyle of human beings and has made every intellectual  to look into it as it has globally affected the major countries of the world.

This Virus originated in Wuhan city of China in early December 2019 and has rapidly spread with confirmed cases in almost every country across the world. The virus originated in bats and humans.

Hence, this also made the Astrologer fraternity to contemplate and acknowledge  that in the light of astrology how the constellations gaze into the situation and comprehends the outcome to such a disastrous situation. But before going into the technicality of planetary positions, effects and conjunctions let us understand this Virus in depth as how and what this COVID all about is. 

COVID means ‘CO- Corona; VI – Virus; D – Disease and since this was initiated in 2019 hence it was COVID-19.

Let us go more into the depth of the Virus and the symptoms as to how it affected the human body.

Coronavirus is the virus linked with the same family of Virus called “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) “.

 The transmission has been through tiny respiratory droplets of an infected person though coughing and sneezing, also by touching the surface contaminated with virus and touching their face (eyes nose and mouth).

Going further in the depth of the virus we can see that older people and people with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease etc are at more risk of developing severe symptoms. 

Now let us examine the interesting data that we collected from the above

December 2019, China, Respiration, airborne, eyes, mouth, face, diabetes, heart disease, Duration approx 2.5 years.

Further, the Astrological Analysis and correlations of the Covid-19 with reference to the Gochar i.e Planetary transitions during this period from December 2019 till date has to be examined in the light of Astrological combinations and conjunctions..

Let us go back into the year 2019, December and analyze the planetary positions and various conjunctions with reference to the health and immunity of the people in general.

The health of an individual in the horoscope can be judged on the basis of

1st House i.e the default house of health and longevity.

 6th House i.e the house of health, disease and immunity.

8th house i.e the house of chronic disease, death and sudden events.

3rd house i.e the house of communication and can be considered as the house of spread of communicable disease. 

Zodiac or Rashi’s involved for the same are

Aries ruling the 1st house in natural  horoscope

Virgo ruling the 6th house of natural horoscope

Scorpio ruling the 8th house of natural horoscope

Gemini ruling the 3rd house of natural horoscopes is also the key zodiac for the respiratory system.

Planets involved in the spread of communicable disease, health, death and epidemic  related matters are

Mars the ruler of Aries and Scorpio i.e the ruler of 1st and 8th house of natural horoscope. Hence is significant.

Mercury the ruler of the 6th and 3rd house of natural horoscope and also the significator of the respiratory system.

Jupiter rules the 12th house of the natural horoscope and is the significator of diabetes and liver. Jupiter is also jeev karak

Saturn is the significator of old age, chronic sufferings and death.

Ketu is the significator of immunity and physical weakness.

Rahu is the significator of disaster, hallucinations effecting immunity and catalyst to spread of Virus. 

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio in Modern Astrology and Scorpio is the ruler of the house of death in the natural horoscope.

Now, let us understand the Planetary positions in December 2019 and the effect of the positions and conjunctions of planets that lead to such epidemic disease.

As per the above Planetary positions we can analyze with reference to the planets mentioned above.

Aries and 1st House is the first house afflicted with the malefic aspect of Ketu and Mars. Even Jupiter is unable to provide the positive vibes as it is in the Nakshtra of Ketu with Ketu and aspected by Rahu. Even the lord of the 1st house i.e Mars is afflicted by Rahu aspect.

Virgo or the 6th house is also not in a good position as the lord of 6th house i.e. Mercury is placed in the 8th house i.e the death and destructive house. So again this house is also not supportive.

Scorpio or the 8th house is again not in the best position as the lord of Scorpio and the 8th house Mars is afflicted and placed 12th from the 8th house. So, again, the 8th house is also not in a good position.

Gemini or the 3rd House is occupied by Rahu which is the main culprit of all the havoc created as Rahu is exalted and full of energy as being in its own Naksahtra.

Pluto the transformational and generational dwarf planet that is again with malefic Saturn and Ketu becoming more dangerous and subside the positivity of Jupiter also.

Hence, such a critical planetary position happens once in 30 years. So, all the planets are in almost dark position and under the malefic effect of Rahu and Ketu. Hence, Rahu has ruled the complete cosmos in the month of December 2019 and led to such an epidemic disease. 

In addition to the detailed explanation above there has also been a history of various kinds of Virus being activated when Jupiter, Rahu or Saturn have come together either as conjunct or as aspect.   

These two planets are to be known as the “Great Chronocrators,” that is the rulers of the ages. Their cycle can be considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities, possibilities of Jupiter and their manifestation in the concrete material world that is Saturn.

In 1979-80  Jupiter Rahu and Saturn came together leading to The HIV virus spread. In 1989-90 Ebola Virus was  spread when Both Rahu and Saturn came together. In 1999-2000 Y2K Computer Virus was a challenge for the world. In 2009 Jupiter Rahu came together and Saturn was in aspect when it led to Swine Flu Virus located world wide. Finally in 2019-2020 when the conjunction and aspect happened of all the three planets and that too when Saturn and Rahu were completely dominating Jupiter, they created the deadliest epidemic of COVID.

Hence looking at the history we can definitely predict that in 2029-30 when Saturn and Jupiter will be in 180 degree aspect and Rahu also aspecting Saturn would lead to again a Pandemic situation although not as dangerous as this coronavirus but will definitely be a period of concern, worldwide.