Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Scorpio

Cancer Man & Scorpio Woman

The last of the red hot lovers might be a good way to describe the romantic coupling of a Cancer and a Scorpio. They both are capable of high passion and love to be loved.

Apart from being compatible in the bedroom, this pair get on famously when doing certain things together such as shopping. They tend to think the same thoughts and share interests in such things as possessions, stocks and shares and their home and family life.

But it is not always plain sailing. Cancer tends to cling on to someone and this can be seen as too sentimental by Scorpio. Scorpio can be driven as much by lust as by love and this will likely cause distress to the home-loving and super-loyal Cancer.

These signs have the combined backing of the Moon and of Mars which makes for a powerful and stable relationship. There is growth and passion aplenty in the wings for both these signs when they team up as a couple.

Both these signs are inclined at times to use a little emotional blackmail but Cancer can find security in their private world and Scorpio can act as if they are not even bothered to agree to disagree.

The beauty of this pairing is the strength of their teamwork. Cancer is in it for the long haul and once Scorpio convinces Cancer that they share this goal, life can be wonderful and long-lasting.