Career problem- can't stick to one job - plz help :)

DOB:- 8th Feb 1988 ( 8/2/1988) TOB- 01:10 Hrs ( 01:10 AM) POB:- Meerut ( U.P)


My problem is my low confidence and high self esteem i am mentally unsatisfied and always unhappy. what will happen to my Career? i cant stick to one job, i have no confidence what so ever in the work i do. i know i am talented, but i dont know whats wrong with me. what kind of job should i take ( what kind of work and in which direction)? should i do business ( if yes then of what kind?) My parents always keep unhealthy , unsatisfied , my dad is also loosing on his business. kindly help with remedies which can help me with finding happiness.

can i wear pearl?

I am wearing : Green emrald pearl and zarkin in silver chain lagverth in black thread silver elephant and copper coin in white thread Pulkit

pulkit on 29 Oct 2013 10:49:21 PM

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  • AV Kumar

    AV Kumar 31 Oct 2013 07:01:44 PM

    You were born in Libra ascendant for which 10th house (10H)  sign is Cancer and lord is Moon.   Moon in your horoscope is placed in 12th House - the house of loss / foreign travels.  

    Sun is aspecting 10H because it is placed in 4H in the sign of Capricorn whose lord is Saturn, an enemy of Sun.  It is also placed in the location of its poor directional strength. 

    Venus your ascendant lord is placed in 6H - house of enemies and competion; however 6H is Pisces which is Venus' sign of exaltation which is a good placement.  Presence of Rahu alongwith your ascendant lord is not a positive either.

    You are currently running the Rahu - Sun Mahadasha / Antardasha combination (till 6th April 2014), again not a good time for career but a good time for seeking favours from persons in high positions.

    Put together - a fickle mindedness and difficulty  in career is indicated.  Solution may lie in seeking a job abroad (10 H lord in 12H supports this).

    Vedic astrology doesnot prescribe stones (but, unfortunately, many astrologers do).  Your success in career may lie in fighting the inner battle which you have with your mind (akin to self control) and not in stones which more likely distract you from the task at hand.

    May the navagrahas bless you.  Remember, "Fools obey planets; wise men control them" 

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