Debilitation cancellation results

My DOB is 14 march,1991 :45 pm,(Male) Longitute is 85 degree 19 mins and latitute is 27 degree 42 mins.In my birth chart I have mercury debilitated in 7th house but due to the condition for neechabhange raja yoga debilitated planets rasi(Virgo) lord (mercury itself) being in kendra the debilitation is cancelled.Again Being my exalted jupiter in 11th house aspecting mercury again the debilitation is cancelled but the jupiter is retrograde does it makes difference in debilitation cancellation.

And what is the results of this neechabhanga raja yoga considering my chart.

Govinda on 18 Sep 2013 03:32:45 PM

Answer(s) : 1

  • govinda

    govinda 24 Sep 2013 02:21:46 PM

    time is 18:45 pm

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