An observation on Dasha period

Namaste Guruji,

I am a very ordinary student of astrology, and hence my knowledge is but extremely miniscule in interpreting even my own horoscope,

As per my horoscope, I am supposedly running a good dasha, and also have gone through vary many lucky periods of life. But the fact is, that I have many accidents, a troublesome education (though I am somewhat qualified- an MBA from a good institute), I am divorced, have no friends, and from 2010 onwards, have no job. Only some intermittent money flow was there for a few months.

However, if i used a special calculation of dasha, I arrive at a completely different picture which is in accordance to the dasha that I have calculated. I have found, that if Rahu/Ketu is in 12th house, then calculating dasha from Lagna sphuta gives a more conforming results.

And if so, then I am in big trouble till 2019. Please guide me through this troublesome time, as i am clueless how to survive even the next day.

D.O.B- 1st April 2013, Kolkata (West Bengal), 1:00 am midnight

Warm regards,


Sudipto on 26 Aug 2013 06:45:01 PM

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