Jaimini Karak

You have gained the knowledge about Karakas used in Jaimini dasha in the previous chapter. You now know how to determine the Karkas. Karka has a significant place in Jaimini astrology like every house has its significance in the Parashari system. The description of these Karakas in detail is as follows:

(1) Atmakaraka

As you already know that the planet whose degree is highest gets the designation of Atmakaraka in a Kundali. This planet is often associated with the ascendant. The complete personality of a person can be known by the Atmakarka like it can be done through ascendant. We can know about the mental level, the development of brain, the external and internal perspective and the happiness and sorrow of a person through this Karaka. The facts about the behaviour of a person can also be known through the Atmakarka. When there is an influence of planets on the Atmakarka then the person is also influenced by the Karkatatvas of these planets.

(2) Amatyakaraka

The Amatyakarka planet is often associated with the profession. Apart  from this, the Amatyakarka planet is also associated with wealth and education. If the Atmakaraka is afflicted, then the person might face troubles related to all these three fields. If the Atmakaraka is strong, then the person will face less difficulties in life and will grow consistently.

The Amatyakarka is the Karaka planet of second house, fifth house, ninth house and tenth house. We can analyse family from second house, education and wealth from fifth house, fortune from ninth house and profession from tenth house. Journeys to a foreign country can also be analysed by the ninth house. The tenth house is also used to analyse authority and sovereignty.

All these fields can be analysed by the position of Amatyakaraka in the Kundali. The auspicious results are obtained when the Amatyakaraka is strong. The auspicious results are reduced in number when it is weak.

(3) Bhratrakaraka

The Bhratrakarka planet represents third and eleventh house of the Kundali. According to the opinion of some some scholars, the Bhratrakarka planet represents ninth house. This fact can be related to the belief that the analysis of father is done through ninth house. That is why, the Bhratrakarka planet is used to analyse the condition of a father. The analysis of younger siblings, journeys, writing ability, art, courage, valour, communication expertise and the interests of an individual is done through the third house. The eleventh house is used to analyse all kinds of profit, elder siblings, promotions and profits. The analysis of father, religious rites, long and religious journeys is done through the ninth house.

In this way, the Bhratrakarka planet is used to analyse the subjects related to the fields stated above.

(4) Matrakarka

As it is clear from its name that this planet provides all the information about mother. The analysis of the kind of mother and her financial condition can be done through this planet. The Matrakarka planet represents fourth house in a Kundali. Fourth house provides the information about the primary education of a person. The information about the level of primary education is obtained through this house. Apart from this, the analysis of happiness related to a house and vehicle is done through this house. In this way, can say that Matrakarka planet is used to analyse mother, primary education, a house, land and the happiness related to a vehicle.

(5) Putrakarka

The Putrakarka comes at fifth place in Jaimini Karkas. It comes after Matrakarka. The planet whose degrees are less than the Matrakarka is known as Putrakarka. This planet represents the fifth house in the Kundali. The analysis of education, progeny, the knowledge of Mantras, ministership etc are analysed through the fifth house. Ninth house is fifth from the fifth house. In this way, Putrakarka also represents the Karkatatvas of ninth house because ninth house represents the future Karkas.

The analysis of subjects for which the fifth house is Karka is done through the Putrakarka planet in Jaimini astrology. When the Putrakarka planet is afflicted in a Kundali, then a person might face obstacles in his education and in getting children.

(6) Gyatikarka

The planet which gets the designation of a Gyatikarka planet represents sixth house, eighth house and twelfth house in a Kundali. The sixth house is studied to analyse all kinds of enemy, court-case, rivalry, loans, competitions, accidents, wounds, diseases etc. The eighth house is also studied to analyse all kinds of hurdles and obstacles. The analysis of life span, chronic diseases and conspiracies is also done through the eighth house. The hereditary property and all kind of research work is analysed through the eighth house. The twelfth house is studied to analyse expenses, marital relationship and the possibilities of imprisonment. The analysis of a trip to foreign country, foreign relations and spiritual knowledge is also done through this house.

In Jaimini Kundali, the analysis of all these fields is done through Gyatikaraka. If an ascendant or Atmakarka are forming relationship with Gyatikaraka then the person may have to face health problems for whole life.

(7) Darakarka

The planet which has lowest degree among all the planets is known as a Darakaraka planet. Darakaraka planet represents the Karaktatvas of the seventh house. Seventh house is primarily used to analyse a life-partner. Apart from this, all kinds of partnership, foreign travel and all kinds of business analysis is done through this house. The analysis of the popularity of a person is also done through the seventh house. This house is also studied to analyse the behaviour of a life partner.

In this way, all these subjects related to the seventh house are analysed through the Darakaraka planet. If the Darakaraka planet is afflicted in the Kundali, then a person may experience difficulties in the subjects related to the seventh house.

You have now gained information about the seven Karakas of Jaimini Char Dasha. You must have seen the usage of the word ‘afflicted’ at many places in this chapter. Here, the afflicted state of Karaka means that if a Karka is present with Gyatikarka, Bhratrakarka or at Rahu/Ketu axis, then that Karaka is considered afflicted. When an auspicious Karaka is afflicted then its results are reduced and a state of conflict arises. It is necessary for the Karkas to be in auspicious state to obtain auspicious results.



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