You have Padma Kalsarp Dosha in your kundali

Kalsarp Yoga Placement of Rahu in the fifth house and Ketu in the eleventh house forms the Padam Kalsarp Yoga. This combination may cause a delay in getting a child, or there may be stress caused by your children, Handle your situation with sensitivity and lend a patient ear to your children to get an improvement.

Take good care of your health because you may take longer to recover if you fall ill. Also don’t trust others blindly and take care who you choose as friends as this Yoga may cause disappointments from friends.

Remember, the Kalsarp yoga is not the only combination in your chart. If you have other positive combinations (yogas), there will have a positive impact and the negative effects of the Kalsarp yoga will be limited.

Remedies For Kalsarp Dosha

- Worship the Rudra avatar of lord Shiva.
- Wear Gomed and Cat’s eye gemstones.
- Wear a kalsarpa ring. Shaped like a snake.

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