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Cancer Horoscope for 2011| 2011 Cancer Astrology Predictions - Karka 2011 Rashifal

Yearly Horoscope 2011 for Pisces Moon Sign

Characteristic of Cancer

You are sensitive, emotional, impatient, thoughtful and imaginative. You forgive others easily for their mistakes. You believe in hard work but you should improve your skills to get better opportunities in your life. You know the true value of friendship and easily get attached with others. Due to these qualities, you are popular among your friends. You give more importance to old relationships as compared to other relationships.

You are dutiful and have clear goals of your life. You are loyal to your responsibilities and always try to perform moral deeds. You can open new avenues of success through your endeavors.

2011 Cancer Horoscope - Money and Finance

Cancer Money Horoscope - January 2011 to March 2011

The first quarter of 2011 will be auspicious for economic prospects. You will not face much upheavals in your life but sudden expenses may increase your stress. You could accomplish your goals in this duration. The time is favorable for you to complete your planned projects but you will need to make clear strategies. A focus on your goals and positive efforts in the right direction will widen your sources of income. Your wealth will increase through your high morale. Do not invest your money abroad, it might be not productive for you.

Cancer Money Horoscope - April 2011 to June 2011

Your earnings will increase but after some obstacles in this quarter. You will start getting profits from foreign places in the middle of quarter. Business tours will be beneficial for you. You could be able to meet your goals successfully at the end of quarter through your hard work and dedication.

This quarter would be beneficial for you to take risks. But, you should be careful from your enemies. Your responsibilities at work would increase in this duration. You will be able to put physical efforts more than intellectual effort at the work front.

Cancer Money Horoscope - July 2011 to September 2011

This is a good time to make foreign journeys for financial benefits, so if you are planning something you can schedule it now. The middle of the quarter will bring you an increase in earnings. Your projects will not be delayed for the want of money because you will be able to easily secure debit. You might not get full support from your luck that’s why you will accomplish your goals through your hard work. In addition, you will have good savings in this period.

Cancer Money Horoscope - October 2011 to December 2011

You should continue your efforts to strengthen your financial condition. You may be busier than usual due to an increase in business related travel. There is a doubt that you will get fair results for your work even though you will work very hard during this quarter.

You will get back your lent money in this duration. Do not lose your confidence in this period otherwise your income may get affected. You will be very busy at the end of 2011. You might be tense because of your competitors.

2011 Cancer Horoscope -Career and Profession

Cancer Career Horoscope - January 2011 to March 2011

You will be honored by your seniors in the second quarter. You will make progress in your career, but to do so you have to concentrate on your work instead of other things. Your responsibilities and workload may increase in this period. Your seniors and colleagues will identify your skills and will appreciate you due to which you will get motivated to perform your acts with more enthusiasm. Do not begin any new project in which you have to take risk. Partnership business will increase your benefits.

Cancer Career Horoscope - April 2011 to June 2011

You should increase your efforts at your workplace. Your subordinates might not assist you during this period. Guidance of your seniors will prove beneficial for you to meet your goals. Your self-confidence will help you to complete your work on time. Your income may get affected at the end of quarter. You should try to reduce harshness of your voice to accomplish your goals and secure the co-operation of other people.

Cancer Career Horoscope - July 2011 to September 2011

This duration will be fruitful for you to find new sources of income. Suggestions of superiors will be profitable for you. You will be tense about your savings, thus, control your outflow. You should thoroughly analyze your decisions before implementing them. You will get a chance to go on business tours in this duration.

Cancer Career Horoscope - October 2011 to December 2011

You need to perform your work with full efforts in your profession. Therefore, maintain your zeal, passion and dedication at work. You may hesitate to perform risky acts but if you have courage then you will be successful. Success will be in your hands if you will continue your efforts. In addition, there might be some lack of confidence in your nature. Your subordinates will handle many important projects in this duration.

2011 Cancer Horoscope - Health and Fitness

Cancer Health and Fitness Horoscope - January 2011 to March 2011

You might feel stress in the first quarter of 2011 because of your children. This situation will occur in your life for a short duration. Do not get tense about household conflicts because they can make you unfit. You might get affected by water-borne diseases. Take care of your father’s health and do not think too much about small issues otherwise you may feel stressed. You will be blessed with good health at the end of this quarter.

Cancer Health and Fitness Horoscope - April 2011 to June 2011

You should take proper rest and reduce your work to stay fit. If your desire for money will be high then it may affect your health. You will be able to recover soon because of good immunity. You will have fine health if you change your food habits. Changing behavior of your children may make you tense at the end of the quarter.

Cancer Health and Fitness Horoscope - July 2011 to September 2011

This quarter may increase health related problems for you and your mother. Later on, your health may become fine but your mother’s health may take some time. You would become pessimistic and negative at the end of this duration because of bad luck. Spending time in your hobbies may be beneficial for you.

Cancer Health and Fitness Horoscope - October 2011 to December 2011

You may become skeptical at the start of the quarter. You might not trust your children too much and it may bring irritability in your behavior. You may face skin related problems. Try to be optimistic.

2011 Cancer Horoscope -Love and Relationship

Cancer Love Horoscope - January 2011 to March 2011

You will make new friends in the starting of 2011, but these relationships will be of short duration. Your destiny will support you in love relationship in the middle portion of first quarter. Your friends will help you to achieve professional benefits. You will accomplish your goals because of support of your friend. Be careful about your love affairs at the end of this quarter.

Cancer Love Horoscope - April 2011 to June 2011

Some of your friends may not help you in the need. You will get opportunity to go on the long journey with your friend. This time is favorable for you to make a commitment to your beloved. You can make new friends in your profession. These relationships will be very supportive and they will bring happiness in your life.

Cancer Love Horoscope - July 2011 to September 2011

Your love life will keep you busy this quarter. This time will be favorable for your relationship. You should cope with the tensions and enjoy the moments which you spend with your partner. Your friends will try to cooperate with you. You should be patient. At the end, you may not trust your partner too much which may create misunderstandings.

Cancer Love Horoscope - October 2011 to December 2011

Your love affairs may increase your tensions too. In middle of this quarter, you and your partner may try to improve your relationship. New relationships and friends will prove beneficial for you. You might become popular among the people of opposite gender. This relationship will be beneficial for you at the end of this quarter but your expenses may be high because of your affairs.

2011 Cancer Horoscope - Family Life

Cancer Family Horoscope - January 2011 to March 2011

The egoistic nature of your life partner may reduce happiness of your married life in the starting of 2011. Family members may get tense about your health because of your busy working schedule. Do not get attracted towards people of opposite gender in the middle of quarter. You have Yogas for happiness from child but your child may face an accident in this duration.

Cancer Family Horoscope - April 2011 to June 2011

Your family will assist you during this quarter, therefore you will be able to complete your tasks. Try to control your family expenses. This period will be favorable for your family members. Your child may face various problems in this duration due to which you will give proper attention to your child. You should try to reduce your interest in the people of opposite gender and you should fulfil your responsibilities.

Cancer Family Horoscope - July 2011 to September 2011

This quarter of 2011 will increase the happiness of your family. Your wish for getting a child will come true in this period. You should have trust on your child otherwise misunderstandings may creep in. Your spouse may fetch sweetness in your married life. If you are planning to send your child abroad for studied this period might realize your wish. You will be able to achieve respect and honor in this duration. An auspicious event may get completed by the end of this quarter.

Cancer Family Horoscope - October 2011 to December 2011

The happiness and prosperity of family will increase in the last quarter of 2011. You may go on short journeys with your family. Your child may not give you much respect because of his short-tempered nature due to which differences may occur between you and him. These differences could be removed if you will behave politely with him and do not show your anger to him. Your relationship with your mother may not be much sweet in the middle of quarter. You may buy a new vehicle or new house for your family. Your child may increase your expenses.

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Yearly Horoscope - 2011
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