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Vijayadasami Pooja - Vijayadasami Pooja 2017

Vijayadasami is celebrated on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. In 2017, this festival will be celebrated on 30th September. Dussehra is a celebration of victory of good over evil. Lord Rama killed Ravana and goddess Durga killed Mahishasura on this day, signifying that evil and immorality comes to an end establishing morality and peace.

Dussehra has its own cultural significance. Many traditions are performed on this festival. Many customs are practised on this festival and some important religious works like Krishi Mahautsava, Shastra Mahautsava, Shani Pujan, Aparajita Pujan and Shastra Pujan are also performed with full zeal and fervour. This festival is celebrated in various different forms throughout the country.

Ritual to perform Vijadasami  Pooja

worshipped in the morning and everyone perform the ritual before eating anything. All the members of the family take bath early in the morning, wear clean clothes and get ready to sit in Pooja. Then, prepare 10 balls i.e Kanda from the cow’s dung and apply curd on each of them.

Barley is grown on the first day Navratra. This plant is then kept on the Kand and then the god is worshipped with Dhoop, Diya, Rice and Roli. At some places there is a ritual to keep barley on the ear of son in a family and are offered to Lord Rama. The 10th Kand of cow’s dung is considered to be the symbol of 10 heads of Ravan and these Kands are offered as bhog or food.


In Maharashtra this festival is also known as Simollanghan. It is a significant festival for Kshatriyas. They believe that when there is no war, the kings must exceed the limit of their kingdom on this day. Once King Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna about the significance of this day on which Lord Krishna told him that on the day of Vijayadashmi all the kings should decorate their slaves, elephants and horses and celebrate the festival with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The king along with his priest should depart towards the eastern side of his kingdom to exceed the limit of his kingdom’s boundaries and worship the Vastu Dev, Ashta-Digpal and Partha Deva. He should make a mannequin of his enemy and dig an arrow into his chest while chanting the Vedic Mantras. Complete all the rituals and head back to his kingdom. Any king who performs these rituals will always gets victory over his enemies.

Shami Puja

Shami Pujan and Ashmantak tree should also be worshipped on Vijayadashmi. People cross the border of their territory on this day in the evening dressed up in new clothes and get the leaves of the “Shammi tree”. These leaves are then exchanged among friends and relatives as gold.

As per the legend, according to which Devi Parvati asked Lord Shiva about the significance of Shami Tree on which lord Shiva says that Arjun hid his weapons in the hole of a Shami Tree during his time of exile and started living as a Vrihanna in the kingdom of King Virat.

Later on with the help of king’s Son, Arjun collected his weapons from the tree and got victory over his enemies. This way Shami tree protected Arjun’s weapons. Other than this, when Lord Rama was marching towards the Lanka, Shami tree told him that he will get victory. This is the reason that Shami tree is worshipped on the day of Vijayadashmi. If one is unable to find Shami tree, then Ashmantak tree can also be worshipped.

People exchange the leaves of the Shami tree among friends and relatives as gold. Aparijita and Vishnu Kranta plant is also worshipped on this day. This plant brings victory and is dear to lord Vishnu. Along with paying for victory people also pray for joy and prosperity.

Shastra Puja

On this day, people worship their weapons and call for the power of god. They clean their weapons thoroughly that are used in daily lives, arrange them in a row and worship them along with the almighty god. This is an important festival of Kshatriya and they worship Devi Aparajita on this day. People achieve happiness in all spheres of life by worshipping on this day.

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  • aarthi on 02 October, 2014 20:59:55 PM
    Under rituals to perform on vijaya dashimi, u by mistake mentioned that ravana is worshiped instead of rama. Kindly make a change!!!

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