2017-11-22T09:09:29.6328991Z en-us Latest articles on Vedic Astrology [] Latest articles on Vedic Astrology from Planetary Combinations to Become an Astrologer India is considered as the birth place of Astrology. Indian Astrology is famous worldwide. Astrology is the contribution of life long experiences of saints and seers. Today, this mode is very famous. There will be very less people who will be unaware about Astrology. Let us acknowledge the planetary combinations whose presence in the birth-chart will make the person capable to become an Astrologer. Acharya Shashikant Paat Dosha In Marriage Muhurtha Some Doshas are important and must be considered while finding a muhurtha for marriage. Here we will discuss Paat Dosha which is one of the ten Doshas considered to judge marriage muhurtha. Let us consider how this Dosha is formed. If Moon is placed in the Harshan, Vaidhriti, Vyatipat, Shoola or Gand Nakshatra then Paat Dosha may be formed. Acharya Shashikant Madhu Sarpis Yoga: An Inauspicious Yoga Madhu Sarpis Yoga is an inauspicious Yoga. This Yoga is formed with the combination of Day, Tithi and Nakshatra. When all these elements make some specific inauspicious combinations then even auspicious Yogas become inauspicious like somebody has mixed poison in honey. That is why this Yoga is called Madhu Sarpis Yoga. Acharya Shashikant Shadbala Measures Planetary Strength The strength of planets can be identified by the placement of planet in the respective house. Another factor to be noticed is that the planet should not be declined or debilitated in the respective Moon-sign. Astrologers find Shadbala the best methodology to measure the strength of any planet. There are six types of Shadbala and all these types are considered to measure the strength of any planet. Acharya Shashikant Your Marriage Compatibility through Numerologically Numerology gives its results on the basis of Name Number, Root Number and Destiny Number. In concern of marriage, it acknowledges the relation between these three numbers. Numerology is a method used to predict future. Numerology like other methods, predicts future and answers the questions related to Astrology. Numerology and its remedies are also helpful for the subjects like marriage. Acharya Shashikant Role of Sidereal Time in Astrology The secret of the sidereal time is hidden in the process of circumambulation of Sun by Earth. Earth rotates on its axis for 24 hours. Earth rotates 360 degrees on its axis in 24 hours revolving around the Sun. This completes one whole day called the solar day. Ideally, it is said that 24 hours is the rotation time, though this duration is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. The remaining 3 minutes 56 seconds are considered as the sidereal day, which is the remaining part of the solar day. In short, a sidereal day can be defined as the time taken to rotate from one time gap to another time gap from the middle point. The remaining time between this is called the sidereal time. Acharya Shashikant Astrological Suggestions for a Happy Married Life It is very essential to take few things into consideration before finalizing an alliance for marriage. There should not be a wide difference between the age of the bride and the groom. Financial status is one of the major causes of strife in the family so it would be better for both the families to investigate about each others financial background. To prevent troubles post-marriage ensure that both bride and groom are of sound physical and mental status. Acharya Shashikant Various Methods of Predicting The Future Every body is curious to know about their future. There are many methods of divination available to satiate this curiosity. These methods are popular not only in India, but other parts of the world as well. Each method has its own procedures and characteristics. Let us talk about some of these methods. Acharya Shashikant Planetary Combinations to Become a Businessman Many people want to become a businessman but those who have suitable planetary combinations in their birth-chart become a successful businessman. Let us acknowledge those planetary combinations which make the person a famous and successful businessman. Acharya Shashikant Astrology Yogas to Become a Police Officer According to Vedic Astrology, Mars and Saturn are the prime contributors in the birth-chart of those who wear uniform in their professional life. Due to the influence of Mars the person gets strength, courage, passion and enthusiasm for this field. Courage is the key asset in the field of army and defense. Saturn makes the person disciplined as well as strict. Saturn is called the planet of justice and punishment. Acharya Shashikant The Types of Kalsarpa Yoga The meaning of Kalsarpa, is the position of planets which is as painful for the native as the pain of snake-bite. In the ancient times, Kalsarpa yoga was determined on the basis of the position of Rahu and another planets in the birth-chart. But today, many Astrologers have done fresh research on the scientific applications of astrology. This research gives information about the different names, types and definitions of Kalsarpa yoga. The definition of Kalsarpa Yoga in contemporary times is "when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu or between Ketu and Rahu, Kalsarpa Yoga is formed''. Acharya Shashikant Natives of Pushya are Generous and Hard Working Saturn is the lord of Pushya nakshatra. Let’s see the impacts on the nature of the natives born under the Poshya nakshatra. Indian astrology says that Pushya is an auspicious nakshatra, perhaps the best nakshatra after evaluating its qualities. Acharya Shashikant Venus And Remedies in Lal Kitab Venus is considered the most beautiful and a sparkling planet. It shines in the evening and in morning. In Lal Kitab it is considered as the god of love and passion. Acharya Shashikant Which will be more beneficial; Independent Business or Job? If the person understands at the beginning of his career about his suitability for job or business, then it will not be difficult for him to reach his destination. This will also help to select the right field of education and will be able to save his time and hard work in wrong areas. Acharya Shashikant Astrology Yogas to become a Journalist In a journalist's profession the Astrologer must acknowledge the influence of goddess Saraswati instead of goddess Lakshmi. In this field the person should know the art of using attractive words and have good writing skills. Acharya Shashikant Impact of Jamitra Dosha and Baanpanchak Dosha in Modern Days Astrologers say that if Sun is in the 7th house in marriage muhurat then the bride may lead the life of a widow. Location of Mars in the 7th house may cause an early death of either of the husband or wife. Presence of Mercury in the 7th house is ominous for child Acharya Shashikant Characteristics of Natives of Rohini Nakshatra of Natives of Rohini-Nakshatra.aspx Moon is the lord of Rohini nakshatra. The natives of Rohini are highly imaginative and love to bask in the fictional world. Their mind is restless like a deer, and that is the reason why they cannot stick to a single thing at one time. They are the lovers of art, music, dance and sculpture. They are good photographers and take active part in any type of art forms. Acharya Shashikant It is Important to Assess the Stri Dirgha for a Happy Married Life South Indian astrology follows the principles of Devarshi Narada. This is also known as ‘Stri Dirgha’ or ‘Kanya Door’. In this method the groom’s nakshatra is counted from the nakshatra of the bride. There are 3 circles each formed by 9 nakshatras. According to Indian astrology a couple will have an uncompromising relationship if the groom’s nakshatra is in the first 9 before the wife’s nakshatra Acharya Shashikant The Kakrach Yoga is an Inauspicious Combination of Week and Lunar Day Acharya Shashikant Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra Bharani is a bright and active nakshatra. As a result the natives of Bharani are energetic and have multiple interests in several things. They are fond of music, dancing, painting and other fine arts. These people are daring and rigid depending upon the occasion. They are sincere towards their liabilities. Though they try to stay away from conflicts, if ever dragged they try to settle down a dispute peacefully. They are intelligent individuals who solve big incidents with their diplomacy. Acharya Shashikant