Dates of Yamghantak Yoga in 2018 | Yamghantak Yoga

In Astrology, certain Yogs have been categorised as unlucky Yogs; for example Kakraya Yog, Kulik Yog and Yamghantak Yog etc. All these Yogs are to be believed to be non-acceptable to do any auspicious task. If you are planning to commence any kind of auspicious work, you must prohibit these Yogs strictly. If some sort of journey or some pious work for your children or birth of a child is on the cards, even then the status of these Yogs are considered. According to learned and senior saints, if this notorious Yog resides in the daytime, you may go through sufferings which can almost be equal to death. But again, it is said that this Yog being during night time isn’t that unfortunate.

Any task initiated at Yamghantak Yog does not meet success. Similarly, when on Sunday there is Magha planet, on Monday there is Adra planet, on Tuesday there is Vishakha planet, on Wednesday we see Mool planet, on Friday there is Rohini planet and on Saturday you have Purvashadha planet; an unfortunate Yog takes birth which we know as Yamghantak.

To accomplish any work, there is always an auspicious moment or time for it. The auspiciousness of a moment is determined on the basis of Tithi, Planet, position of the moon, Yogini Dasha and position of planets. You must avoid Bhadrakal before you start any of your special venture. You should be attentive to stable moments and timings. Every task has a its own auspicious moment, if the task is commenced at that particular moment, the task is bound to be successful.

Yogs have essence of life hidden in them; studying Yogs closely, one can very clearly understand facts about past, future and present. There are many Yogs which appear in the study of astrology, some are auspicious and some are inauspicious. Results from each kind of Yog varies; to understand that one has to observe these very carefully.

Yamghantak Yoga 2018

Beginning date Beginning Time End date End Time
2 January Sunrise 2 January 11:47
27 January 06:03 27 January Sunrise
22 February 13:34 23 February Sunrise
23 February 12:43 24 February Sunrise
3 March 20:55 4 March Sunrise
22 March Sunrise 22 March 18:05
23 March Sunrise 23 March 16:57
31 March 06:30 1 April 05:57
28 April Sunrise 28 April 13:53
30 April 14:47 1 May Sunrise
28 May Sunrise 28 May 23:04
31 May 03;12 31 May Sunrise
18 June 04:19 18 June Sunrise
27 June 09:35 28 June Sunrise
15 July 13:28 16 July Sunrise
25 July Sunrise 25 July 18:21
12 August Sunrise 12 August 21:27
4 September 18:53 5 September Sunrise
9 September Sunrise 9 September 08:01
2 October Sunrise 2 October 23:45
22 November 17:51 23 November Sunrise
23 November 16:41 24 November Sunrise
2 December 03:31 2 December Sunrise
20 December Sunrise 20 December 27:04
21 December Sunrise 21 December 25:22
29 December 09:00 30 December Sunrise