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Marriage Shubh Muhrat February 2019 - Marriage Muhurat Dates - Wedding Muhurat February 2019

To determine the auspicious date for marriage, birth sign of bride and groom are taken into consideration. The chandra nakshatra in which bride and groom are born, the letter that comes in that

Marriage Shubh Muhrat January 2019 - Marriage Muhurat Dates - Wedding Muhurat January 2019

To determine the auspicious date for marriage, birth sign of bride and groom are taken into consideration. The chandra nakshatra in which bride and groom are born, the letter that comes in that

Hindu Marriage Muhurat 2019 (Lagna Muhurta) - Marriage Muhurat 2019- Hindu Marriage Dates

According to astrology, there are certain phases or periods which are not considered auspicious to perform marriage rituals. These phases are : displacement of Venus and Jupiter, Solar or Lunar

Amrit Siddhi Yoga 2019

To start any important work, it is important to study about shubh muhurats according to astrology. But sometimes, due to circumstances, you might not get the specified time or muhurat, this is when

Mundan Muhurat in 2019 | Auspicious Mundan Dates 2019 | Mundan Sanskar Muhurat 2019

Since our ancient times, Indian Ayurveda saints have given description of sixteen rituals. All these sixteen rituals also include the ritual of a baby’s ‘Mundan’ procedure. Here are the following

Guru Pushya Yoga and Ravi Pushya Yoga 2019

Guru pushya yoga and ravi pushya yoga are considered as an important and special yogas. These yogas have been given special importance in astrology. The possibility of success and auspiciousness

Dates of Yamghantak Yoga in 2019 | Yamghantak Yoga

In Astrology, certain Yogs have been categorised as unlucky Yogs; for example Kakraya Yog, Kulik Yog and Yamghantak Yog etc. All these Yogs are to be believed to be non-acceptable to do any

Dwipushkar and Tripushkar Yoga Dates 2019

Astrology has various descriptions regarding different time periods as to when to make purchases to attain good results. Amongst these time periods, there are majorly two phases namely; Dwipushkar

Jwalamukhi Yoga 2019 - Jwalamukhi Yoga - Jwalamukhi Yog

A lot of different yogas have been talked about in astrology. These include auspicious as well as inauspicious yogas. Jwalamukhi yoga is considered to be an inauspicious yoga. No auspicious activity

Niryan Sankranti 2019 - Niryan Sankranti - Niryan Hindu Calendar - Sankranti 2019 Date

According to Vedic astrology, the time when the Sun transits from one sign to another is known as Sankranti. There are 12 astrological signs. Hence, Sun Sankranti are also 12 in number. The saints

Amavasya Dates 2019 | Amavasya Calendar 2019 | Amavasya Vrat Dates in 2019

Amavasya tithi is considered very important in hindu astrology. On this day, people reminiscent their ancestors and perform shradh with full respect. They may also perform havan etc. for the peace of

Monthly Shivratri Fast 2019 | Monthly Shivratri Dates 2019 | Monthly Shivratri 2019

Shivaratri fast is kept every month on the day of chaturdashi in Krishna Paksha. On this day Lord Shiva is worshipped and a fast is kept in devotion of the lord. A person should not consume food on

Gandmool Nakshatra 2019 | Mool Nakshatra Dates 2019 | Mool nakshatra timings

In the zodiac, out of the 27 Nakshatra, six nakshatra are called Gand mool Nakshatra. These Nakshatra are at the intersection of two signs, with one Nakshatra ends the sign and with the starting of

Pradosh Fast Dates 2019 - Pradosh Fast Calendar 2019 - Pradosh Vrat 2019

Pradosh Fast is observed on the day of Trayodashi and Lord Shiva is worshipped on this day. This fast is considered to be good to win over your enemies. Pradosh kaal is the time when the day and the

Ganesh Chaturthi Dates 2019 - Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 - Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat Calendar 2019

According to the hindu lunar calendar, the fasts observed on the Krishna paksha Chaturthi tithi or fourth day after Poornima, is known as Ganesh Chaturthi. On this day Lord Ganesha is worshipped.

Ekadashi Fasts Dates 2019 - Ekadashi Fasts 2019 - Ekadashi Vrat Dates 2019

Ekadashi holds great importance in hindu mythology. On this day, lord Vishnu is worshipped and a fast is observed. Things like non-veg, alcohol, onion, garlic, masoor dal are avoided on this day. In

Fast and Festivals 2019 - Hindu Festivals Calendar 2019 - Hindu Calendar 2019

Fast and Festivals January 2019 Date Fasts and Festivals Hindu Tithi 1 January Safla Ekadashi Vrat Posh Krishna Ekadashi (11) 2 January Posh Amavasya Posh Amavasya (30) 13 January Lohri, Martand

Following yogas in kundli are favourable for a love marriage

Youth nowadays has lots of aspirations and feelings related to love and relationships in life. When they reach a certain age, they want someone in their life with whom they feel attached and loved.

How does ‘Yamghantak Yoga’ appear ?

‘Yamghantak Yoga’ is one of the most unauspicious yoga in the hindu mythology.This is one of those yoga that act as a hurdle in good works of yours. In this yoga, the possibility of failure increases
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