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Hindu Marriage Muhurat 2019 (Lagna Muhurta) - Marriage Muhurat 2019- Hindu Marriage Dates

According to astrology, there are certain phases or periods which are not considered auspicious to perform marriage rituals. These phases are : displacement of Venus and Jupiter, Solar or Lunar

Jupiter Transit In Scorpio 2018 | Jupiter In Scorpio: Effects On 12 Rashi

The changes of jupiter in different signs is seen with hope by everyone. The reason for this is that, jupiter is a planet out of all the planets which is considered as the cause of

How does ‘Yamghantak Yoga’ appear ?

‘Yamghantak Yoga’ is one of the most unauspicious yoga in the hindu mythology.This is one of those yoga that act as a hurdle in good works of yours. In this yoga, the possibility of failure increases

Retrograde Jupiter's effect on Signs in 2018

Jupiter will retrograde its transit through Libra sign this year on 9th March 2018. This retrogation of Jupiter indicates sudden changes and ups/downs in your lives. Retrogation of planets speedily

Yoga Results For Jupiter Aspecting Signs - Part 3

Jupiter Aspecting Libra Sign Jupiter aspecting Libra in a horoscope makes the native brilliant and bright in terms of academic and education. Such a person possesses various kinds of talents. He is

Sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant

The sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to the Virgo sign. If you were born in this Navansh, you will have to be thoughtful about your career in life. You need to understand your enemies and

Effects of Planets Placed In Their Friendly House

Planet placed in its friendly house is strong and gives auspicious results. This situation gives immenses support and strength to the planet. This placement gives the native opportunities and success

Yoga Results For Mars Aspecting Signs - Part 2

Mars Aspecting Cancer Mars aspecting Cancer is considered to be an auspicious placement for the native. In this placement, the Mars is situated in its friendly sign. As a result, the native is able

Fifth Navamsha of Leo Ascendant

The fifth navamsha of the Leo ascendant is vargottama. This navamsha belongs to the Leo sign only. This placement of Leo lies in the shape of a triangle. Person born in this navamsha is very

Determination Of Time For Financial Loss and Gain

It easy to understand the financial status of the native and related matters through the study of vedic astrology. There are certain yogas and periods where the native gains wealth or loses wealth.

Effects of Strongly Placed Planets

As per the principles of vedic astrology, every planet in a kundli attains its strength and auspiciousness in its own sign, friendly sign, exalted signs and mooltrikon sign. The strengths of each

Yoga Results For Jupiter Aspecting Signs - Part 1

Jupiter Aspecting Aries Jupiter aspecting Aries makes the native excited and enthusiastic. The native is able to express his thoughts in a clear and crisp manner. Such people are dynamic and vigorous

Yoga Results of Aspecting Sun - Part 2

Results For Sun Aspecting Cancer Sun aspecting Cancer is considered to be an auspicious position. It gives results similar to that it would give in its own sign or in conjunction with Moon. With the

Effects of Sun Transit on Natives

It is imperative to understand the fact that Sun transit have different impact on each sign of a horoscope. The house in the which Moon is placed is considered to be the ascendant of the kundali

Effects of Rahu in a Kundali

Rahu is considered to be a planet related to detachment. Actually, Rahu is just a point in the universe. According to astrology, Rahu effects a person’s life significantly. Hence, it is considered to

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses in a Kundali

In current times, all the notions and opinions about Saturn need to be thoroughly analyzed before reaching a conclusion. Astrology talks about the tough and strict form of Saturn. As a result, people

Bhadrika Yogini Dasha - Bhadrika Yogini Dasha in Astrology

Bhadrika Yogini Dasha is known as the dasha of Mercury. The duration of this dasha is of 5 years. This is an auspicious dasha and thus, gives auspicious results to the natives. The person gets

Remedies of Inauspicious Sun in Twelve Houses in a Kundali

Sun in Ascendant According to Lal Kitab, if an inauspicious Sun is in Ascendant, a person should construct places for public water. This will strengthen Sun. A person should donate food, coconut,

Dhanya Yogini Dasha

Dhanya Yogini Dasha is the third Yogini Dasha. It’s Lord is Jupiter. Dhanya Dasha’s duration is three years. This dasha is considered to be auspicious. A person achieves progress and success during

Effects of Rahu entry into Libra sign on other signs

Rahu entered Libra sign. Prior to this, Rahu was in Scorpio sign. Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets. Rahu is always in retrograde state. Therefore, Rahu will enter Libra from Scorpio and Ketu
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