Jwalamukhi Yoga 2019 - Jwalamukhi Yoga - Jwalamukhi Yog

A lot of different yogas have been talked about in astrology. These include auspicious as well as inauspicious yogas. Jwalamukhi yoga is considered to be an inauspicious yoga. No auspicious activity should be carried out in an inauspicious yoga. Even all the important tasks and activities should be cancelled or postponed. In case a person carries out any activity during this period, there are doubts if he would achieve success or not.

A lot of efforts have to made if you start with something in this yoga. Most of these efforts are wasted and do not give you any success. You have to face a lot of obstacles. Therefore, before beginning with any work, you should make sure that you are not beginning with it in Jwalamukhi yoga. This yoga comprises of some special characteristics. This yoga is considered to be auspicious in order to defeat enemies.

Jwalamukhi yoga is formed with the presence of Mool nakshatra on Pratipada date, Bharani nakshatra on Panchami date, Kritika nakshatra on Atithi date, Rohini nakshatra on Navami date or Ashlesha nakshatra on Dashami date. A famous verse tells us more about the inauspicious effects of Jwalamukhi yoga.

Janme to Jeeve nahi, Base to ujde gaon,

Naari pehne chudiya, Purush vihini hoye,

Bove to kaate nahi, Kuen upje neer ||

Many scholars believe that this verse is disappointing. But, they do not argue about the inauspicious effects of Jwalamukhi yoga. They agree with all the inauspicious effects of this yoga. Many ancient scriptures also talk about this yoga. A child born in this yoga may suffer from an incurable disease in the future.

Marriage ceremonies that take place in this yoga are considered to be inauspicious. A person married during this period does not receive the happiness of a married life. A seed sown during this yoga does not result in a good harvest. A well dug for water in Jwalamukhi yoga dries up soon. A person who falls ill in this yoga may suffer from the illness for a long time.

Dates for the formation of Jwalamukhi yoga in 2019

Beginning date Beginning Time End date End Time
12 February 22:11 13 February 15:47
13 February 22:28 14 February 14:55
11 March 04:07 12 March 04:10
14 April 09:36 15 April 05:59
17 June 14:01 18 June 11:50
23 August 08:09 23 August 27:47
24 August 08:32 25 August 04:16
18 September 18:22 19 September 08:45
23 October 03:33 23 October 15:13
26 December 10:43 26 December 16:50