Moon SignIn the Kundali, the sign in which Moon is located is called Moon sign. It is also known as Birth sign. In Vedic astrology, Moon is considered the most important out of all the planets. It is also given the Name Sign. Because, as per astrology, Moon sign is the basis of naming a child. Name beginning from the alphabet of a Nakshatra’s Pad where Moon is located during birth, decides the birth sign name of an individual.

1. Moon sign Importance

Moon is considered the Karak planet of mind. So, mind is controlled by Moon. If a person’s mind is free from tensions, he experience happiness and peace at every place. And if a person is upset then all the items of luxury and comforts seem to be useless. Moreover, Vedic astrology has given Moon sign, Moon Nakshatra, house of Moon location more importance in comparison to all Yogas. 

2. Use of Moon Sign

There are 9 planets in astrology, but Moon is the lord of birth sign of a person. Normally, the daily Rashifala is based on Chandra Rashi(Moon sign). For match making during marriage, birth sign of bride and groom are being used. 

Why is Moon sign given so much of significance? To know about this, we need to go back in ancient days. During the olden days, instruments used to calculate a child’s birth were not easily available. Hence, day was considered more important then time. Now, the Moon changes its sign in approximately 2days and 6 hours, hence,its significance has increased. As a result, importance of Lagna became secondary. In comparison to all other planets, Moon is the most movable. It has a large influence on the events of a person’s life.  

3. Use of Birth sign/ Name sign

House, business or profession is considered auspicious to be named after the alphabet of the birth sign. Many a times, marriage is finalised on the basis of the name of bride and groom. There were 16 famous Sanskar during the olden days. Few Sanskar still practised include Namkaran Sanskar. It is done on the basis of alphabet of Moon sign’s Nakshatra. 

In short, Moon sign has become an integral part of lives of people who believe in astrology. It stays connected to a person’s life from Namkaran Sanskar to the daily Rashifala which is read every morning before leaving from the house.