Every date is made by joining two Karana. There are only 11 Karana. Out of which Bava, Balva, Kaulava, Taitila, Gar, Vanija, Vishti are Char Karana and Shakuni, Chatuspada, Naga and Kinstughan are constant or Dhurv Karana. 

Vishti  Karana : Profession of a Person

Person born in Vishti Karana gets easily involved in wrong works. Doing inappropriate work can decrease his fame. Tempt for money can take him on wrong path. 

Person born in this Karana has more interest in opposite sex. This can effect his married life. On trying, this person can get good money and fame in the medical line. The date having Vishti Karna is called Bhadra Tithi, i.e. Vishti Karana Bhadra Tithi. No auspicious work is done during this time.