TurquoiseTurquoise in Sanskrit is called as Peroj or Haritashm. This substitute is said to give abundance of everything. It is an opaque sub-stone and has a huge demand in the present time. Color of Turquoise is sky blue. At times it is little darker then sky blue or a mixture of blue and green color. Pure blue colored Turquoise is demanded the most. This type of Turquoise is found in Iran. It is counted among jewels. Thousands of years ago, people of Egypt used to wear Turquoise as a jewellery. 

Wearing Turquoise maintains harmony in the married life of a person. There is a deep faith and understanding in the relationship. It is believed, this substitute fills happiness in life and luck of a person becomes stronger. No negative energy communicates in the body on wearing this sub-stone and it prevents illness. It is considered as a symbol of friendship. While going on a long journey, this substitute is used as a pendent. People involved with television, films, fashion industry, cloth and artificial jewellery industry should wear Turquoise for favorable results. 

Turquoise is described as a pure stone. Its reference can be seen in the holy book Bible. By wearing Turquoise, a person remains safe from accidents and violence. It is used as a medication to reduce the tensions of a person. Person having worries and stress should wear this substitute as a pendant. People who have work locations at great heights are advised to wear this sub-stone. Wearing this Upratna reduces acidity and give relief from stomach problems. 

Who should wear Turquoise

A person should wear Turquoise if Venus is the lord of auspicious house and is in a weak condition in his Kundali. It also effects mercury planet also to some extent. 

Who should not wear Turquoise

Turquoise should not be worn with the gems of Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Ketu and their substitutes. 

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