Topaz StoneTopaz is also known as Sunhela. It is available in different colors. Mostly, the light yellow shade of Topaz is worn. People who are unable to afford Yellow Sapphire, i.e. gemstone of Jupiter, they should wear Topaz. It is a yellow and somewhat transparent crystal. 

The natural form of Topaz is very rare. Artificial Topaz is highly available in market. Confused by its shine, people perceive it to be a Yellow Sapphire. But, looking at both the gems closely, the difference can be identified clearly. Topaz has a more clear visibility in comparison to  Yellow Sapphire. Many a times, left over pieces of Yellow Sapphire are joined together to make Topaz. 

By wearing Topaz, a person feels energetic. People who lack energy should wear this substitute of Yellow Sapphire. There are many advantages of this gemstone. An individual gets inspiration to learn good things, he gains energy from natural sources and acts wisely. His mind becomes stable.

Who can wear Topaz

A person should wear Yellow Sapphire if Jupiter is the lord of the auspicious house and is situated in a weak position in the Kundali. Everyone is not capable of buying Yellow Sapphire. Hence, they are advised to wear the substitute of Yellow Sapphire, i.e. Topaz. Wearing this substitute gives positive results. 

Who should not wear Topaz

Person wearing emerald, diamond or their substitutes should not wear Topaz. Otherwise it does not give favorable results. 

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