The twelve signs of Zodiac are divided equally into 27 parts starting from the 1st point of Aries to the last point of Pisces. These are called Nakshatras or Asterisms. The first Nakshatra i.e. Ashwini Nakshatra starts from 0º 0‘ and ends at 13º 20’. The last Nakshatra Revati starts from 346º 40’ to 360º 0’.  

Swati Nakshatra is the 15th Nakshatra. A star that resembles a Sapphire. It falls under the Zodiac sign Libra. The longitude ranges from 186º 40’ to 200º 0’. The lord of this Nakshatra is Rahu.

The characters or Naamakshar represented by Swati Nakshatra are “ Roo, Re, Ro, Ta “.

General Characteristics

Natives of Swati Nakshatra are well known for their dignified manners. Natives are intelligent, scholars and are able administrators. They are tactful in their behaviour and have a great self control. They are dutiful and law abiding generally. They are considered to be great citizens.

The deity of Swati Nakshatra is wind due to which they are of restless disposition. They can’t stay at one place for very long time. The direction of this Nakshatra is North west. They also make effect on atmosphere as the storms and the whirl-winds are caused in this Nakshatra.

Natives born in the Swati Nakshatra are intelligent, witty and great scholars.

Swati Nakshatra and the different Padas

Natives born in the Swati Nakshatra in the 1st pada are courageous, knowledgeable, eloquent and have scientific knowledge. They are capable of doing any type of job.

Natives born in the 2nd pada of Swati Nakshatra possess secretive methods of learning, hidden passions and conduct secretive acts.

Natives born in the 3rd pada of Swati Nakshatra have good name and fame, gentle behaviour and are brave. They make good company with Yogis and saints.

Natives born in 4th pada of Swati Nakshatra are passionate, full of anger, talk about illogical things and are arrogant in nature.

Male Natives of Swati Nakshatra

Physically, the male natives of Swati Nakshatra are fleshy, attractive and have a curved feet..

Generally, they are peace loving but are adamant and independent. They dislike criticism in their work. It is difficult to bring them back to normal once they loose the temper. Thus, it is important for them to keep a control on their mind. They are ready to help others.They are good friends and a bad enemy.

They are mostly gold smiths, travelers, drug sellers, an actor or dramatist or a textile worker. They can also be a part of Navy or can be an astrologer or a translator.

They are not very successful in their family life as they pretend to be adjustable but they are not.

Normally, the native has a sound health but they are prone to disease related to  the abdomen, heart, urinary tract and bones.

Female Natives of Swati Nakshatra

Physically, they are weak as they walk very slowly.

The females are sympathetic and loving in general. They enjoy very high social position. They attain a lot of fame in her profession.   

They act against their consciousness due to some peculiar circumstances and atmosphere prevalent in the family. They enjoy complete satisfaction from their children.

Their internal constitution is weak with respect to their health. They may suffer from bronchitis, asthma, pain in breast, broken feet ankles and uterine troubles.

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