SphaleriteThis is a rare Uparatna (Gemstone). It is more lustrous in comparison to Diamond. It was discovered by E.F Glocker in 1847. The word Sphalerite was derived from a Greek word meaning incredible or treacherous rock. The other name for this Uparatna which is found in almost all colours is Blende. The features of this Uparatna make it extraordinary. This Uparatna is usually confused with a lot of other Uparatnas when it is mined.

This Uparatna is naturally found in white colour with brown stripes. It’s brightness can be compared to the colour of soil. It is found in a single piece. Though this Uparatna is strong, it can not be easily cut. It is rare and is hardly found weighing more than one carat. At present, it is commonly found in honey brown colour. It can be found in both transparent and opaque forms.

Spritual Qualities of Sphalerite 

It provides a person with power and energy. It induces positive energies into life. It keeps a balance between the energy cycles and helps taking decisions in difficult situations. It also enhances insight and improves sexual energy and imagination power. It also provides with athletic abilities.

This gemstone provides  energy and controls emotions.  It also controls the mental activity of the holder when his emotions are very hurt. It increases the intuition in the holder and makes him realize the difference between reality and imaginations.It teaches the brain to focus on your goals.

It increases the self-power of the holder and enhance the self-image. It fills the body with supernatural light and increases the concentration. It helps in boosting the person’s image and positive thinking in him.

Healing Properties of Sphalerite Gemstone

It provides physical energy to the holder.It removes fatigue due to exercise.  Contributes to strengthening the immune system and is helpful in preventing infections and keeps them away from the body.It encourages the holder to take care of himself and helps those who are addicted to bad habits. It helps in the absorption of nutrients.It is also helpful in recovering from eye problems and provides energy to the body after the physical activity.

Colours of Sphalerite Gemstone

The gemstone is found in  yellow, white, black, red - brown, orange, green, light blue .It is also found in the colorless state. The dark and light shades of brown are found in both.

Where is it found

The best quality of this gemstone is found in Missouri in America, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, England and Spain. Other than that it s also found in Australia, Europe, Burma (Myanmar), and Peru, Italy, Burma, Morocco, and Germany.

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