Shardha is a Karma that continues for 17 days starting from Poornima and ends on the Amavasya. This year it starts from 12 September 2011 and ends on 27 September 2011. The details of these dates are as follows:

Shradh Dates 2011

Shradh Date Day
Purnima 12 September Monday
Pratipada 13 September Tuesday
Second 14 September Wednesday
Third 15 September Thursday
Fourth 16 September Friday
Fifth 17 September Saturday
Sixth 18 September Sunday
Seventh 19 September Monday
Eighth 20 September Tuesday
Ninth 21 September Wednesday
Tenth 22 September Thursday
Ekadashi 23 September Friday
Dwadashi 24 September Saturday
Trayodashi 25 September Sunday
Chaturdashi 26 September Monday
Amavysya 27 September Tuesday
Sarva Pitra 27 September Tuesday


In this scientific era where people do not accept any deed without any logic, it is very important to understand the scientific base of this Shradh karma. Our old saints and scholars have made a deep study and research before publicising any karma. That is why after so many years the Karmas are uniformly followed with complete sanctity and purity.

According to vedas, every person born on this earth has three debts to be paid out - Devrina, Rishirina and Pitrarina. A son responsibility completes only when he serves his mother and father whole heartedly till they are alive and when he methodically conducts Shradh Karma after their death. This Karma helps him to get rid of Pitrarina.

Thus, Shradh is an important Karma and need to be executed methodically for satisfying their ancestors. It is strongly believed that those who conduct this Karma with purity they get the blessings from their forefathers in the form of health, wealth and fortune. It is a belief that during these days the forefathers stand on the door from the sunrise to sunset to accept whatever is offered to them and in return give blessings for their welfare.

Shraddha - According to Hindu Mythology

As per Brahmavaivata Puran, those who are capable and have the capacity to do Shradh and still do not conduct this Karma have to face the curse of their ancestors. This is one of the reasons which we can observe in the society that there are families who are prosperous and wealthy but they are either not happy or facing some or the other problems in their family. The reason could be related to health or accidents or no issues.

Liberation of souls

The ancestors in the Sookshma (subtle) form become very strong and energised to effect the womb of the lady. Hence, it is very important to conduct Shradh and Tarpan religiously.

It is believed that the sperms that are transferred from a male to a female’s foetus during intercourse contains 84 ansh. Out of this 84 ansh 28 ansh are developed from the food that the male eats and the rest 56 ansh are supposed to be from the ancestors. Out of these, 56 ansh 21 ansh comes from the father of the male, 15 ansh from the grandfather,  10 ansh from great grandfather, 6 from the great great grandfather, 3 ansh from the next and 1 ansh from the sixth generation. All this makes the 84 anshas. Therefore, the Pind-daan is done for the 3 generations because above 3rd generation the ansh are less than 10.  This is the reason we have the debt of our ancestors which can be paid off through Shradh Karma.

Scientific aspect of shradh

The scientific base for Shardh Paksh is that when the Sun enters in Virgo which is a gelid sign, all the Pitras staying in the moon find this time and weather to be ideal for visiting the earth and expecting some Daan from their relatives. If they get the Pind-Daan religiously with purity they offer there blessings and return back to there region.

Hence, it is our duty to conduct Shardh Karma with purity and sanctity for the welfare of the coming generations. Astrologically, Shukla Paksh is ideal for Dev poojan and Krishna Paksh is ideal for Pitra Poojan.