Placement of planet in opposition is considered to be a strong Yoga. Samsaptak yoga is formed when the two planets are placed in opposition.  Opposition is an angle of 180° . Oppositions are the second most powerful aspect. It resembles to conjunction but the difference is that the opposition causes exaggeration as it is not unifying like the conjunction but instead exalted. So the opposition creates a dynamic and exalted energy between the planets involved, but it can be indicative of tension, conflict or confrontation, due to the polarity between the two signs involved if not channeled constructively. If properly channeled the native may use it as a creative and energetic power source.

Importance of the Sun-Saturn Samsaptak Yoga

The Sun and Saturn when placed in exact mutual opposition. These conflicting planets form a Samsaptak  yoga (opposition) . This Yoga can be damaging in the form of loss of money, health and vital energy. Presence of benefic planets like Venus can subside the ill effects to some extent.

In Mundane Astrology also, the Samsaptak Yoga of Sun and Saturn make makes a negative effect on economy and industry. Even the travel and hospitality industries are affected by Sun-Saturn Samsaptak yoga. The positive impact of this samsaptak yoga is on Social welfare and charitable organizations particularly related to child welfare and fair sex related societies.

The Conjunction of Saturn and Moon is generally considered as Vish Yoga (Poisonous Combination). This yoga has bad effect on Mother, particularly on her health. but this become worse when this yoga is formed in 4th house. it will create rift between the relations to the extent of separation.

The reason of the is that Saturn poisons the natural emotions of Moon causing  lack of Expression and Emotions in individual. Natives with such combo are Hard working but the actual results are generated when the native crosses the age of 30.They are considered to be good administrator and disciplined. The results are furthr detoriated in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planets that make Samsaptak yoga.

Importance of Jupiter- Saturn Samsaptak Yoga

During the transit of Guru when it forms samsaptak with Shani The Jupiter-Saturn Samsaptak Yoga is considered as fortunate in terms of spiritual growth and for activities in the areas of social welfare. The category of people who are spiritually enlightened, saints, seers, psychics, who think beyond the mundane material needs of life are positively directed by this yoga. This samsaptak become more prolific if in the natal chart they have this opposition by birth.

As per Mundane Astrology, Jupiter- Saturn Samsaptak Yoga improves the political system, some maeked amendments are made in the judicial system, amendments in the structure of governance is also possible.Some positive changes in educational systems are also pronounced in the Samsaptak yoga of Jupiter-Saturn.

Some assassination attempts on political leaders are possible during the Jupiter-Saturn Samsaptak yoga.

The good and bad nature of the aspects depend a lot on the angle of the aspects. Opposition (Samsaptak) and Square are always held to be evil irrespective of the nature of the planets. On the contrary, trine and sextile are generally held to be good. 

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