RuchakaPancha Mahapurusha Yoga is formed when five planets are situated in their respective signs or are exalted in Kendra. Ruchaka yoga is one of these formed five yogas.

How is Ruchaka Yoga Formed

Ruchak Yoga is formed when in a horoscope Mars is in its own sign Aries and Scorpio , thus Mars in its exalted sign Capricorn is in the Kendra. 

Ruchaka Yoga Result

A person fitted in this yoga is blessed with long life. His complexion and fair and clear.The body consist of good volume of blood. The person is courageous and strong, and might be inclined towards attaining scholarships.

The person with this yoga is beautiful, has thick hair , symmetrical extremities,calm nature, warrior, neck is like a shell, big mighty, evil, brahmaan, selfish,humble before the master, public lover.

With all these qualities in the person , this yoga gives a person the ability fight adversity. The person with this yoga is able to defeat his enemies.

Hans Yoga

The person with Hans Yoga is a scholar and is highly knowledgeable, and has a distinct ability to make justice. Thus, he always does good conduct. The person is found with moral qualities.

How is Hans Yoga Formed

Hans Yoga is formed when all the planets are placed in the ascendant, fifth ,ninth and seventh house in the horoscope.The person fitted in this yoga , has the ability to decide between right and wrong. This person is involved in high deeds and take birth in big families. 

This yoga improves the individuals qualification in taking decisions.

Bhadra Yoga 

Bhadra yoga is one of the Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. Bhadra yoga comes in the category of auspicious yogas. The person fitted in this yoga receives wealth,fame, happiness and respect.

When Mercury is in its own sign (Gemini and Virgo ) in the horoscope, then this yoga is formed. and should also be in the Kendra . Some scriptures also take it from the Kendra of Moon. Bhadra yoga gives rewards as per its name.

Bhadra Yoga Result

The person born in Bhadra Yoga is as agile as a lion., and walks like an elephant.The chest is sturdy. round shaped symmetrical arms, licentious, scholar, lotus like extremities , moral, and fair skin.

Moreover , the person born with this yoga might have symbols of shell, sword, elephant, mace, flower, bow, flag, wheel, lotus etc in his hands or feet. His voice is beautiful. The person of this yoga is beautiful, intelligent, book writer, gets the rewards along with the respect, hides some things, religious, beautiful forehead, patient, and has curly hair.

The person with Bhadra Yoga is always able to accomplish his tasks successfully. He doesnt even forgives his own people, and his property is also used by other people.

Malavya Yoga

Paanch Mahapurusha yogas are also known as Panch Mahapurusha yoga.This yoga is a combination of five different yogas. Paanch Mahapurusha yoga includes Ruchaka Yoga, Hans Yoga, Malvaya Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, and Shasha Yoga. These five yogas are known as Panch Mahapurusha Yoga.

How is Malavya Yoga Formed

When in a horoscope Venus is in its own sign (Taurus and Libra) then this yoga is formed.

Malavya Yoga Result

The person born with Malvaya Yoga gets the opportunity to travel around the world.The person fitted in this yoga has thin lips, organs treaties blood-free, lean, similar to the moon , long nasal, pretty cheeks, perfect sharp vision,everywhere powerful, long arms, and the longevity.

Budhaaditya Yog Result | What is The Budhaditya Yoga

In the horoscope the planets in particular positions give particular rewards which can be good or bad. This situation is known as Yoga. The planet forming yoga , has increased ability to give rewards. If the yoga is benefic then the person gets beneficiary results , and if the yoga formed is malefic the person suffers with bad results.

Budhaditya Yoga Meaning | What is The Budhaditya Yoga 

If in a horoscope sun and mercury lies together in any of the sign , then Budhatya yoga is formed. The person fitted in this yoga is intelligent, a scholar, attractive and is very courageous. He gets success because of his intellectual works.Moreover these people live their life according to their principles.

Shash Yoga Result

Shash yoga is formed by Saturn . The person who has this yoga in its horoscope ,the major events of his life are affected by the Saturn. Shahs yoga comes in the category of distinctive yogas.

How is Shash Yoga Formed

When in a horoscope , Saturn is in its own sign (Capricorn and Aquarius) then this yoga is formed or when Saturn is in its exalted sign Libra, and in the Kendra of the horoscope.According to some other belief, it is also formed from the Kendra of Moon. 

Shash Yoga Result

Shash yoga is also known by the name of Shashak Yoga. The person born in this yoga has a small face, small teeth, and is fond of travelling. He does maximum travelling with the purpose of tourism.

The person with Shash Yoga is aggressive, stubborn, big warrior, wanderer of forest, mountains and forts. He likes to live near to the river and loves to welcome guest at his house.he has a medium height. And gets success with his hard work.

These people get ultimate peace in serving others. Efficient in producing metal objects.Has playful eyes and is a devotee of opposite sex. He wastes the money of others.He is a devotee of his mother. He has a beautiful slim back. He is extraordinarily intelligent and finds faults in others.