Is Wearing Ruby Stone Favourable for Me?

Ruby stone is known by different names like: Kurwind, Vasuratna, Ratnanayak, Lohitratna, Raviratna and Lakshmi Pushya. In Hindi it is called Manik and in Marathi it is called  Manikya. There is a popular belief that it reduces poverty and increases wealth and happiness in the house of a person wearing it. 

Who Should Wear Ruby Stone?

Ruby is a Sun stone and Sun is called soul. Here is the details of the people who should wear it or who should not wear:

Ruby for Aries Ascendant

For Aries sign, Sun is the Lord of fifth house i.e., the Trikon house. In addition, it is also a friend of the ascendant Lord Mars and thus it helps in sorting out problems coming in education sector of Aries person. Its effect increases the interest of a person in intellectual works. People of Aries Ascendant should always wear this stone for self development, having child, fame and state honor.

Effect of Ruby on Taurus People

For Taurus Ascendant  Sun is the Lord of fourth house but here Sun is enemy of Venus. Taurus people should wear Ruby stone only in Sun Mahadasha. Wearing this stone gives peace-happiness, motherly pleasure and land profit in mahadasha peiod to Taurus people.

Impact of Ruby on Gemini Ascendant

Sun is the Lord of third house for Gemini ascendant, sue to which, wearing Ruby is not good for Gemini people.

Ruby Gemstone for Cancerians

For person of Cancer ascendant, Sun is the Lord of second house i.e., the house of wealth. Moreover, it is a friend of the ascendant Lord Moon. So, Gemini people can wear Ruby stone for accumulation of wealth. But, its second house is Marak house,due to which, some physical problems may arise. So, wearing Pearl will be more auspicious for Cancerians as compared to Ruby.

Influence of Ruby on Leo

Sun is the Lord of Leo ascendant. Leo person should wear Ruby through out their life. This will help in defeating enemies and good physical and mental health. This will help you leave longer and maintain good mental level. 

Ruby Gemstone for Virgo Ascendant

Virgo people should never wear Manikya stone. Sun is the Lord of twelfth house for this ascendant.

Ruby for Libra

Sun of Libra ascendant is the Lord of income and also an enemy of the Lord of ascendant, Venus. Due to this, this will be favourable to wear only in Sun Mahadasha. Wearing Emerald is considered auspicious for Libra people. 

Ruby for Scorpio People

Sun is the Lord of 10th house for Scorpio ascendant and is also a friend of the ascendant Lord Mars. Due to this, wearing Ruby will bring state honor, fame, job and expansion and profit in business. 

Manikya Stone for Sagittarius Ascendant

In Sagittarius ascendant, Sun is the Lord of Ninth house i.e., the house of fortune. In addition, Sun is also a friend of ascendant Lord Jupiter. Ruby is the most auspicious stone for Sagittarius people. Wearing this gives all comforts of life, fathers affection and makes luck more favourable.

Ruby’s Effect on Capricorn Person

Sun is the Lord of eighth house for Capricorn ascendant. The ascendant Lord is also an enemy of Saturn. Capricorn people should never wear Ruby.

Ruby’s Impact on Aquarius Ascendant

Sun is the Lord of seventh house for Aquarius ascendant. It is also an enemy planet of ascendant Lord Saturn. Aquarius people should avoid wearing Ruby.

Manikya Stone for Pisces Ascendant

Sun is the Lord of sixth house for Pisces ascendant. The ascendant Lord is a friend of Jupiter. Pisces people should wear Ruby only in special cases and that too only in Sun Mahadasha or else wearing this will not be auspicious. 

What should I wear with Ruby Stone? 

The person wearing Ruby can wear Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire or the sub-gem of these stones.

What Should I Not Wear With Ruby?

The person should never wear Diamond, Blue Sapphire or Emerald along with Ruby. In addition, wearing sub gems of any of these stones are also considered inauspicious.

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