RhodochrositeThis gemstone is normally found in many places , when it is very rare used in the form of jewellery. Rhodochrosite gemstone is popular for its availability in different colours and also for its amazing qualities.Its red colour attracts people a lot . It is found in calcite and siderite mineral form. This gemstone is also used for making bands.Evenly this gemstone is founded in Stalactites form. It is also available in small crystal form. 

Rhodochrosite is formed from a greek word., which means red colour or coloured like a rose That is it why it is also called “ Rose Gemstone”. In Greek Rhodon means Rose and Chroma means Colour. It is red in colour cause of the presence of magnesium.. Inc people believe that the colour of Rhodochrosite comes from the blood of their former Kings and Queens.

This gemstone controls the Anaahat Chakra and Manipurak Chakra of the human body.The elements of this gemstone is air and fire. 

Color Of Rhodochrosite Gemstone

This gemstone is found in red colour, and other than that it is also found in white colour. The gemstone found in the band is opaque to translucent and is seen in red , white, grey and brown colour.It is also found in translucent form in red, rose red, orange shade. Sometimes it gives the yellowish tone in grey colour.

Metaphysical Properties Of Rhodochrosite

This gemstone is a well of qualities and a good source of energy. red coloured gemstone , gives relieves from hear ailments and increases the feeling of love and affection in the heart. The holder becomes creative and benefit from it .Increases insight. It is said that the person’s body , soul and emotions are directly connected. This gemstone increases curiosity and also calms down the holder. Scholars believe that the person who holds this gemstone can get back his lost love.

Rhodochrosite is a considered to be the symbol of stability and love .It awakens the persons self-confidence.It controls actions of body and soul.It emits the universe’s most powerful energy , which is received in the form of love.It awakens the interest of the holder towards it responsibilities and duties regarding society. The person other than thinking about himself , thinks about everyone with equal aspect. It helps the holder to get new information.

This gemstone , makes the person feel that his responsibilities are not mere a burden , and it is a sort of fun and  gives happiness .It increases the level the energy in holder and is a good source to maintain love and relationship.Increases passion and desires in life.It is suitable for self-healing and supports strong and authentic self-disclosure. It gives relief from pain and repressed memories. It encourages the person to start a new life.

It removes loneliness and do not let the holder encounter any loss.Helps to get rid of fear andf eliminates the feeling of insecurity .Prevents the holder from exploitation and oppression.Person develops a sense of forgiveness. Helps  resolving issues related to trust . Self-love and spirituality is increased..It brings the desire to live in .and does not let the the holder to deviate from its objectives.

It awakens the feeling of love and acceptance in a person.Develops the person ability to cope with life and  to handle problems Helps to boost personal self-confidence .It helps the person to concentrate.If worn in the neck it directs the positive energy to the persons brains. 

Healing Ability Of Rhodochrosite Crystals

This gemstone stimulates the circulation system of the body to function smoothly and also controls the blood pressure.Prevents Kidney-related problems. and disorders of the reproductive Prevents the stomach disorders.Keeps the holder  away from addictions and controls eating habits. Prevents asthma and is also helpful in preventing blood, liver and cancer.

It controls heart rate and blood pressure.It gives relief from migraine problem.It also prevents skin disorders. Prevents unbalancing of thyroids and do not let gut related problems grow. It keeps the circulation system clean and gives relief from eye related problems.Provides freedom from joint pain. Is helpful in opening the blocked nose.

Sources Of Rhodochrosite

It is found in many parts of the world. There are few main countries like Argentina, Peru, Coloraddo, Montana, America, Cubic, Canada, Romania, Hungary, South America, Chile, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Nambia. In Argentina it is found high in quantity.

Who Should Wear Rhodochrosite

Any person can wear it as per his needs. The person suffering from particular illness or diseases can wear it. 

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