RevatiRevati Nakshatra is the last Nakshatra among the 27. It is formed by combination of 32 small Nakshatra. These 32 stars or Nakshatra form a shape of Mridang in sky which is called Revati Nakshatra. On moving south to the Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra is a long line of stars which form the Revati Nakshatra. On the south of this Nakshatra is the Ashwin Nakshatra.  It is the last Nakshatra of sky.

This Nakshatra comes under Pisces and Mercury is the lord of this Nakshatra. Person born in this Nakshatra has the effect of Jupiter and Mercury. Both Jupiter and Mercury don’t have friendly relations. To know the result of Mercury Mahadasha, position of Mercury and Jupiter should be seen in the Kundali of person born in this Nakshatra. 

Revati Nakshatra Personality

People born in Revati are wishful to gain education. They desire to enhance more knowledge. Such people can’t stay in a work for long period of time. Their concentration is finished if engaged in same work for a long time and they wish to do some other work. Person born in this Nakshatra may have health related problems.

People born in this Nakshatra are beautiful and elegant. Because of which problems may arise at home. They can have dispute with other on small issues. Hence, people of this Nakshatra can not have good relationship with other people. 

They feel proud on their abilities. Habit of feeling proud without reason causes downfall in their respect. Apart from this, they have great interest in their opposite sex. 

At times they are not successful in using their wisdom on time. People of this Nakshatra need to put lots of effort in order to achieve success. Many a times, these people are seen to waist their abilities at a wrong place.

People of this Nakshatra need to keep a control on their expenses. Such people are found to outings and trips. They are successful in getting their property during old age. 

Revati Charan Result

Person born in 1st Charan of Revati Nakshatra should try keep up his concentration. He should perform remedies of moon to maintain his concentration. By this, he is able to gain more knowledge. 

The one who is born in 2nd Charna of Revati Nakshatra dose not get appropriate respect and love from his family and society. At times he has to face dishonour. 

Person born in 3rd Charna of Revati Nakshatra defeats his competitors. He succeeds in winning over them. 

Person born in 4h Charna of this Nakshatra becomes the reason of discord and fights. 

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