pitra paksha

In respect to the ancestors, it is very important to follow Pitra Paksha and perform their Shradh work. As per the Hindu scriptures, ancestors should be pleased before God.

Significance of Pitra Paksha

Pleasing of ancestors before God is more beneficial. Pitra Karya is more significant than Dev Karya. Vayu Purana, Matsya Purana, Guru Purana, Vishnu Purana and other scriptures like Manu Smriti etc. contains the description of Shradh.

From Purnima to mid of Amavasya, that is for 16 days, Shradh is is performed to provide peace to the soul of our ancestors. Doing this work in a systematic way for 16 days regularly, frees you from your ancestors' debt. In the Pitra Paksha Shradha, Brahmins are offered food. After the meal, they are given donation and alms as per an individuals capacity. This helps in the maintenance of good health, peace, happiness and enrichment. 

When to Perform Pitrapaksha Tarpan

Pitra Pakasha, that is, the Shradh Paksha, starts from Bhadrapad Shukla Purnima to Ashwin Krishna Amavasya. According to this, every year 16 days are mainly dedicated to ancestors. Walking to ancestors on the path of salvation, frees a person from his loans (Pitra Rin). In the year 2011, Shardh will be performed on the following dates.

Shradh Dates 2011

Shradh Date Day
Purnima 12 September Monday
Pratipad 13 September Tuesday
Second 14 September Wednesday
Third 15 September Thursday
Fourth 16 September Friday
Fifth 17 September Saturday
Sixth 18 September Sunday
Seventh 19 September Monday
Eighth 20 September Tuesday
Ninth 21 September Wednesday
Tenth 22 September Thursday
Ekadashi 23 September Friday
Dwadashi 24 September Saturday
Trayodashi 25 September Sunday
Chaturdashi 26 September Monday
Amawasya 27 September Tuesday
Sarva Pitra 27 September Tuesday


The religious works done during Shradh Paksha Bhadrapad Shukla Purnima to Ashwini Krishna Amavasya, gives salvation to the ancestors. It is also believed that the food reaches to our forefathers through Brahmans and birds. The person who's date of death is not confirmed, his Shradh is performed on Amavasya.

Significance of Shradh of Chaturdashi Tithi

For ancestors who may have died due to any weapon, poison or accidents, their Shradh is performed on Chaturdashi and for ancestors who died on Chaturdashi, their Shradh is performed on Amavasya.

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