PetaliteIt is an unique and a rare gem.It is most popular between the gem collectors.It is specially finished made for them.This gemstone is similar to many other gems and created the illusion of many other gems. In colourless state it looks like a diamond.It is an extremely delicate and beautiful gemstone. The name Petalite has been taken from the Greek word Patalon, which means a leaf of a tree.The way a leaf’s each and every structure appears clearly , likewise the structure of Petalite also appears very clean and clear. 

This gemstone was first founded in 18 century in Spain and is considered as an angel and  is also known in the form of angel. It is very well known as "Angel Stone" i.e "Stone of the Angels" , because it encourages the acts like an angel.This gemstone provides the assistance to all areas of the media world and the holder is able to communicate on all issues.

Gemstones like Scolecite,Lepidolite,Tektite,Tourmaline,Morganite,Rose Quartz are suitable for Petalite and can be worn along with it. 

Petalite - Metaphysical Properties

This gemstone increases the vision of the holder and provides him with deep peace and joy. It should be kept  near to the permission cycle during the meditation.It gives the holder recess.Keeps the mind calm for Internal investigation. It communicates a balanced energy.People with unstable thoughts, scattered ideas, can hold this unique gemstone.It provides stability in the views. It brings the holder near to his spiritual refinement.The person is able to  communicate his experiences of  his spirituality.

It is helpful to fill the emotional shock. It  protects the holder and and keeps him balanced. The person identifies his own personality and awakens love within himself. It keeps the holder  tied in a rhythm and his conscience encourage higher returns.It is is helpful in connecting the holder with deep spirituality. It has been considered to increase the insight and opens it to develop the mental capability and even telepathy. Even a small piece of this gem works like an Amrit.

Many experts recommend wearing the gemstone especially when he talks to his clients or patients. It operates high mental capacity.This gemstone holds soft and balanced flow of energy which makes the holder aware during the meditation.Many people use it to increase the wisdom of spirituality and provides security.This gem is majorly used to show magic.

The holder gets connected to the divine power  and also with his civilization and culture. Guides the holder in the emotional front.helps to connect the conscience with the divine power and inspires the soul to do good work for the world. It helps in making holder’s  relations with the angels . It is a better and a unique gemstone for raising consciousness.

It is helpful to keep the cycles of body balanced . It controls the Vishudh Chakra and Sahasrara. It develops the communication capacity of the holder.  If one is facing barriers from long time in accomplishing a work , then this gemstone is capable to remove them . It is an powerful gem and keeps the positive energy around the holder. It purifies the surrounding of the holder and removes any negative energy. It evidents the existence of the holder in his own eyes and  Introduces the holder with the reality.

Healing Ability Of Petalite

It is believed that this gemstone makes the person calm and stress free and easily removes the stress-borne diseases .It keeps away the holder from too much stress.It prevents the holder from disease like Cancer and AIDS. It is helpful in filling the wounds and develops bones. It prevents from decayed feelings , and keeps him calm.

It operates the end glands smoothly and controls the body cell.It fixes the eye disorders and problems related to the lungs. It prevents the muscles from getting stiff.Removes problems related to the intestines. It makes the joints flexible.

Colour Of Petalite

This gemstone is found in many colours. It is found in whatever colors , they all are pastel colors. It occurs in colorless and transparent state.It is found in light pink colour and also in the mixture of grey, white, and red colour.It is also found in grey and white mixture of colours.This gem is also found in yellowish tone and is of an air element.

Where Is Petalite Found

Petalite is found in Canada, United States America, Brazil, Sweden, Namibia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Burma, Australia, Russia, Mozambique,  Italy etc.

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