PanchakPanchak mean five (Panch). According to the Hindu Panchang, Panchak begins when moon transit from Aquarius sign to Pisces sign. That means, moon transit in Uttaradh of Dhanista, Shatbhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttra Bhadrapada, Ravati Nakshatra. Many scholars include whole of Dhanishta Nakshtra in the Panchak, whereas, some include half of it. 

Scholars believe that whatever work is done during Panchak whether good or bad, gives 5 times more than the original result. Hence, good works are avoided during Panchak. It is believed, that marriage or death during this time gives result 5times more than the original. Works like marriage etc.should be avoided during Panchak. During death, 5 statues of flour or grass are made and placed Shaiyya of dead. Then cremation is done and Shanti Path is performed. 

Things Avoided During Panchak

Some works are forbidden during Panchak, like:-

  1. Journey in South direction
  2. Collecting Fuel (collection of dry grass, wood etc.)
  3. Cremation of dead body
  4. Placing the roof of house or constructing a pillar
  5. Making of bed or getting it made

Panchak Results

While performing the above mentioned work during Panchak, there may be a delay. According to Ra Martand Panchak, traveling towards south direction in Dhanishta Nakshatra or placing roof or collecting fuel or making a bed can bring fear of fire. These works should be performed in Shatbhisha Nakshatra. Doing such works in Purva Bhadrapad Nakshatra bring diseases. Whereas Uttra Bhadrapada Nakshatra can cause fine. And, performing these things in Rewati Nakshatra can cause loss of wealth. 

Panchak Dates 2011-2012

Panchak Beginning Panchak Ending

Month Time(from) Month Time(to)
7 January 20:33 12 January 21:14
4 February 04:00 9 February 04:51
3 March 10:19 8 March 11:19
30 March 16:07 4 April 17:15
26 April 22:30 1 May 23:30
24 may 06:07 29 May 06:34
20 June 14:39 25 June 14:23
17 July 23:12 22 July 22:24
14 August 06:52 19 August 05:59
10 September 13:18 15 September 12:47
7 October 19:00 12 October 18:59
3 November 25:10 8 November 25:09
1 December 08:52 6 December 07:58
28 December 18:07 2 January 15:39

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