Opal is called Swagaraj in Sanskrit and Sagar raj in Hindi. Basically opal is colorless. But, it is rarely found in this form. 16 types of Opal are found in nature. Although this substitute is found in different colors, but the most valuable is of black and white color. Opal with a glimpse of red color are considered good and precious. 

Few black Opals are opaque. It contains grey and blue color spots. Yellow-colored milky opals are normal stones. In green colored Opal, waves of different color are formed. They come in the second class. Blue colored Opal are the cheapest. Gray and lusterless Opals are considered inactive. Opal emitting orange-colored glow is best in terms of profession. The Opal which is transparent and has no shine is called Fire Opal. It is of yellow or reddish yellow color. 

Treatment of Diseases through Opal 

Wearing Opal gives relief from the diseases of eyes. Fire Opal removes problem related to blood and red blood cells. It also reduces mental tensions, depression and laziness. Clarity is reflected in thoughts. 

Black Opal removes problem related to bone marrow, reproductive organs, spleen and pancreas. It purifies red and white blood cells. Black Opal increases the safety of an individual. And, the person don’t get nightmares.

Wearing white Opal maintains stability between the nervous system of left and right brain. White blood cells get energy. Moreover, black and white Opal increase the luck of a person. It builds encouragement and self confidence of an individual. Development of brain take place and the individual gets strength to perform mental works. Person’s will power is boosted up. 

Who should wear Opal

A person should wear Opal if Venus is the lord of the auspicious house but is in weak position, in the Kundali. 

Who should not wear Opal

Opal is not worn with Manikya (Ruby), Yellow Sapphire, Pearl and their substitutes. 

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