Navami Tithi is the Ninth Tithi of a month .This  date comes in both sides of a Lunar Month.The Lord of this date is Devi Ma Durga. As well as the date is one of Rikta dates.According to the name given to this Tithi, this date is considered to be the date of clear achievements..Which is why, everything is prohibited on this date. Shiva Puja is considered to be inauspicious , during the Shukla Paksha of Navami Tithi. In contrast to it , it is auspicious to worship  Lord Shiva on Krishna Pakha of Navami Tithi. 

Navami Tithi Yoga

The month in which Navami Tithi , lies on Saturday orbits Sidhida Yoga. Sidhida Yoga , is fruitful as per its name. Thus, all the work done on this date , is clearly achieved.

Characteristics of a Person Born on Navami Tithi

The person who is born on Navami Tithi , is a true worshiper of God and is blessed with a son. As well as ambitious for both opposite sex and money.. That person is versed in many disciplines.

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