Mars will enter the 5th house of Virgo moonsign on 8th January 2011. So, during this time, Mars will have the location of its exalted sign. Mars on being in Cancer, act as a debaliated planet, whereas in Capricorn sign it becomes exalted planet. Transit of Mars in Capricorn will reduce the sweetness of relationship between you and your children. This Yoga can bring obstinacy and stubbornness in your child.

For Virgo moonsign, Mars is the Lord of 3rd and 8th house. On 8th January 2011 Mars will enter Capricorn from Sagittarius sign. In Virgo, Mars will be placed in the 5th house, create aspect relation with the income house and the 12th house. It will also have an aspect relation with Aries located in the 8th house. Saturn is transiting in the Virgo moonsign during this time. And, Jupiter placed in the 7th house of Virgo sign will be in Pisces sign

Come let us discover the effect of Mars’ transit into Capricorn, its sign of exaltation, on the people of Virgo moonsign.

Transit of Mars in Capricorn and Career of Virgo Moonsign

The transit of Mars will bring change in job for job oriented people. It might be difficult for you to get success in changing of job. You will take more interest in intellectual areas because of the combinations formed during the transit. Additionally, for increasing your income, you should do the work of care taking of Administrative task. 

Try to remove the shortcomings in the management activities. You need to be optimistic for reducing the obstacles in the income area. Entry of Mars in Capricorn is making your eighth house stronger. Because of this, count of unexpected incidents may increase, during this time.

For people involved in partnership and independent business, this period will be beneficial. You will achieve your goals in time, with your leadership qualities in team works.

Mars' entry in Capricorn sign and Virgo Moonsign Health

Some issues of life can bring a situation of disappointment in you. Feeling of depression can grow anger and stress in you. You will be successful in maintaining your health if you keep a control on your behaviour. In the transit period, you need to give special importance on your mother’s health. Issues regarding child may add to your tension.

Impact on Virgo relationship and Gochar of Mars in Capricorn

Entry of Mars in its exalted sign will bring a situation of support and trust in love relationship for Virgo people. You can plan to go out and spend time with your beloved and can get chances of going on small trips. You will get full support of your better half, in this time. Luck is with you, in matters related to opposite sex. During the transit period, your friendship can change into love relationship.

Mars’ Transit in Capricorn and Virgo Married life

The combination will bring auspiciousness and peace, happiness for married life. Taking advice from your life partner in matter of work can be advantageous for you. Marital life will have an environment of love and coordination. To maintain this situation, you should give respect to your spouse.

Remedies for Virgo Moonsign During Mars’ Transit in Capricorn

It will be favorable for you to store mushrooms in a utensil of mud and place it in a temple.

Making ash of cowrie shell and immerse it in running water on Wednesday, can be auspicious for you.

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