Mars will be retrograde from 24th January 2012 at 6:21 am to 13th April 2012. In this retrogression, there is a tendency to react rather than act and these reactions are inclined to be based on feelings and experiences from the past, rather than concerned to the present. Thus, one may tend to overreact or under-react in a given situation and be inclined to focus energy on his inner world rather than the real world.

This configuration can give great strength to inner demons of an individual. The challenge provided by a retrograde Mars is that of the right use of action and power. This retrogression indicates issues related to the expression of one's sexuality that need to be addressed at some time during life, while it also warns of health problems. Retrogression of Mars in the Leo will upset the government and its power and create chaos in the country.

Effect of Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde in Leo will specially effect people with Sun or Moon in Leo or those who have Leo Ascendant. They will be prone to Introspection. It presents an opportunity to gain insight into unconscious motivations, i.e, the hidden motivations that cause us to act without thinking.  Leo is a Fixed Sign and hence the Mars retrograde effects other fixed signs also such as Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Scorpions are  liable to conflicting and headstrong behaviour in their career and public image. Mars rules Scorpio. We can therefore expect some serious sexual scandals in public and political life.

Mars retrogression indicates aggressive, egocentric mood. Enthusiasm and inspiration seem low during this period. Anxieties are developed and ego-desires are on peak. Mars in Leo is  fearless, independent, generous and honest in any dealings with others. People in positions of responsibility, trust or authority will need to watch their backs.

The period of retrogression of  Mars in Leo also indicates possible loss through speculation and other business ventures. Also, there can be disappointment and sorrow in love. There is also danger of accident or violence, usually the outcome of carelessness, aggression, or foolishness.

During this period, Mars travels with an expression of Martial nature which indicates negative influence on nations and political leaders. Hence, those nations and leaders which have afflicted Mars in their chart will be more prone to negative effects.

The activities that are most favoured activities during this period are those involving men, products and services related to men, military manoeuvres, sports, surgical procedures, manufacturing and firearms. The energy is dynamic and will give a big boost to courageous activities and a dynamic push to get ahead.

Mars under the negative influence of retrogression indicates death by fever, fire, hanging, beheading or violent catastrophe, ruin and disgrace, danger of wounds, injury to face, eye trouble, blindness, imprisonment, mass murder and other horrors stimulating great changes in society. 

Best Approach During Retrograde Mars in Leo

Avoid taking risk and Good luck can save you from accidents and other mishaps, but, do not take things for granted or become too sure of yourself, as Mars is not to be trusted, especially when so highly stimulated and retrograde in Leo.

While working or playing hard, we should beware of a violent temper. Chances of fever and inflammatory diseases, sunstroke and rheumatism of the back will increase. 

Planets affect subconscious motivations, so they stimulate the collective more than the individual. This may be said to have a degree of willpower and intent – enabling an aware person to stand against the tide. But, political and social action will be aroused in a rather more mindless, aggressive way during this period,

Thus, in simple words, the best approach to this retrograde period is ‘wait and watch’ and ‘keep cool’. Remember a basic rule while driving ‘Better late, than Never’. These cautions are particularly for natives of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces and to some extent Taurus.

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