Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna. Presence of planet can modify the results. for example if the Sun is in the Lagna it adds nobleness, the Moon adds better proportion and greater delicacy, Mars in lagna gives a fair ruddiness and healthy constitution. Mercury makes the stature proportionate and well shaped Jupiter adds the fair complexion, large eyes and dignifies stature. Venus adds beauty, softness and greater delicacy. Saturn makes a man tall, inactive

Libra is the seventh  Zodiac sign of all 12 Zodiac Signs.

Libra is an Airy sign and male Zodiac . It is movable in nature. The direction of Libra is North.

The Sun in Libra is debilitated while Saturn is Exalted in Libra

The Lord of Lagna is the Venus that makes the native aesthetic and generous.

The colour of Libra is varied blues and place is Market,sales and purchase centre.

Libra is Diwasbali. That means that this rashi gets stronger in the day time.

The Mental Tendencies of Libra rising natives are idealistic, quick witted, positive/ They are also  at times vidictive and forceful.

Physically Libras possess fair complexion, phlegmaitic constitution, broad face, fine eyes. They look generally youthful.

Generally natives born in Libra have sensual disposition. They are keen observers of human nature. They have keen foresight. They love justice. peace and order. They are ambitious. They are more idealist than realist. They are successful as political leaders and religious reformers as they have the power to influence masses. They sometimes in zeal and enthusiasm go to the pitch that they can force the unwilling minds to follow. They are not easily amenable to reason. They are great lovers of music. Truth and honesty has a special domination for them.

The Sun in Libra is debilitated. It makes them popular but tactless. This placement can make them to loose morals, arrogant, wicked, frank and base drunkard. This position of the Sun in Libra makes them pompous.  

The Moon in Libra develops reverence and repect for holy and learned people. This placement makes them tall with raised nose, thin. Moon in Libra makes the native wealthy, business-like, love for art, amicable, love for opposite sex and farsightedness.

Mars in Libra gives a tall body, symmetrically built. They become ambitious, self confident, perceptive, materialistic. They develop love for family, self earned wealth, sanguine temperament and fond of adulation.

Mercury in Libra develops material tendencies, courteous, philosophical, faithfulness, sociable and discreet.

Jupiter in Libra makes native handsome, open minded, attractive, religious. It also makes hasty, competent, pleasing.

Venus in Libra makes Statesman, intelligent, generous, proud, passionate, respected,  philosophical, . Venus placement makes a successful marriage.

Saturn in Libra is a very beneficial placement. It makes the native famous, founder of institutions, rich, tall, fair, tactful, charitable, self conceited. .

In the study of Mundane Astrology Libra governs navel of Kalapurusha, The locations covered are Racing and gambling centre, commercial places, streets, exchanges.

In the Medical Astrology Libra governs Lower belly,Kidneys, lumbar regions and loins. The diseases prominent in Libra if afflicted are Bright’s disease, lumbago, nephritis, renal, calculi.

The appropriate careers for Liberians are good Actors, Industrialist, Advocate, Judge. They can also be successful in the business of Incense, Milk, Silver, Musical instruments. Television and Radio can be beneficial fields for them.

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