Khagraas Chandra Grahan (Lunar eclipse) will occur in India on 10th December, 2011 which is a Saturday. The duration of the Grahan will be 3 hours and 33 minutes from 6:15 to 9:48 PM. In India, Moon will rise in the evening between 4:30 to 5:45 p.m before the eclipse. Other than India, Khagraas Lunar Eclipse will also be seen in Africa, Europe, Middle-east Asia, Australia, North America, Greenland, East Canada and Artic.

Duration of the Eclipse - According to India Time

Beginning of the Grahan : 18:15 hours

Commencement of Khagraas : 19:36 hours

Paramgraas : 20:02 hours

End of Khagraas : 20:28 hours 

End of Grahan : 21:48 hours 

Commencement of Chandra Malin - 17:02 hours

Commencement of Chandra Kranti Nirmal -  23:02 hours 

Sutak Kal of the Grahan

Khagraas Chandra Grahan will be seen on 10th December, 2011. The sutak kal of this Grahan will commence at 09:15 in the morning.

Things that should not be done during the Grahan

Hindu scriptures have mentioned about a few things and activities that should be or should not be performed during the Grahan. Pregnant ladies should not use knives at all to cut vegetables and fruits. They should avoid sex, consumption of meat and alcohol. Pregnant ladies are also advised to stay away from stimulating products. 

Things should be done during the Grahan

During the Grahan, people should worship their deity after taking a bath and also worship Chandra dev during the Grahan while chanting mantras. People should perform religious activities like chanting vedic mantras etc. as per their faith. During the period of Grahan, food, water, money, clothes, fruits etc. should be donated as per one’s potency. It is very auspicious to take a holy bath on this day in holy places like Prayag, Haridwar, Banaras etc.

As per the Dharmasindhu, a holy bath should be taken during the Grahan kal followed by performing homas and worshipping God at the mid phase of the Grahan. At the time of the Grahan Moksha, shraddh should be performed for the pitras. A bath should be taken once the Grahan ends completely. It is advisable to perform all these rituals in the same procedure as mentioned above.

Effect of the Grahan on Different Zodiac Signs

Khagraas Chandra Grahan will have different effects on different zodiac signs. Moon will be transiting in Taurus sign in Rohini and Mrigasheera Nakshatra. People should perform homas and charity during this period. The effects of the Grahan can be seen for the next 15 days. The effects of the Khagraas Chandra Grahan on zodiac signs are as follows :


Aries people might have to face loss of money and respect.  Discord at home and loss in the pleasure of home or comfort of mother.


For Taurus natives, Chandra Grahan falls in your own sign. This indicates loss of health, injury and physical discomfort.


Gemini natives may have to face loss of wealth, benefits and increase in unexpected expenses. The income will be low, but the expenses will be high. 


Cancer natives should not get disappointed, since this Grahan indicates gain of wealth. They might experience unexpected gains. 


Leo natives will be surrounded by secret worries. They should share their worries with other people to get relief from stress. 


Virgo natives are advised to be cautious, since they may have to face humiliation. They might suffer from fear of enemies.


Libra natives will  attain hapiness. Unexpected gains can be seen and obstacles will be removed from the path.


Scorpio natives will have to face troubles during the Grahan. The effects of this Grahan may bring problems in the marital life. Disharmony in the house and health of the spouse may be a matter of concern.


Sagittarius Natives may have to suffer from physical discomforts, resulting in disappointment. 


Capricorn natives will have to face troubles concerning children. Children may suffer from certain problems. They are advised to act cautiously in every field, since they are prone to suffer from loss of respect.


Aquarius natives may get all wishes fulfilled. All the hopes will be served.


The Grahan will brings benefits for Pisces natives. Gain in wealth and pleasure from siblings are expected during this phase.

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