KemadrumaMoon has been considered to be a factor of peace according to the Jyotisha Shastra. It is usually seen that a person is bound to think negatively if he’s alone or lonely as he cant keep his mind to rest in such situations. The same results can be found in the presence of Kemadruma Yoga.

How is Kemadruma Yoga Formed

Kemadruma Yoga is formed when there is no other planet with moon rather than sun. One more condition is that there should not be any planet in the 2nd house or the 12th house. According to another argument, it is also formed when there is no ascendant in the Kendra. A person born under this Yoga is illiterate, poor and is not liked by other people. 

It is also believed that such a person is barred from any sort of marital bliss and usually stays away from home. The person can be cunning and his talks don’t usually make any sense. 

Kemadruma Bhanga Yoga in D9 Chart

If Moon or any other planet are ascendant to the Kendra Bhava in a Kundali, Kemadruma Yoga is considered to be disrupted. With the Cancelled of Kemadruma Yoga, its characteristics are also Cancelled.

Some other developments in the Kundali also Cancellation this Yoga. For example, formation of Sunafa, Anafa or Durudhara Yoga result in the cancellation of Kemadruma Yoga. This results in the freedom from its effects.

Kemadruma Bhanga Yoga in D9 Chart 

According to other beliefs, if there is a similar condition in the houses adjacent to Moon or in the Navmansha Chart , then also this Yoga is disrupted.

Kemadruma Bhanga Yoga

Even in the presence of Kemadruma Yoga, if Moon is in an auspicious Planet Sign, this Yoga is cancelled. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus have been considered auspicious planets. In such a situation, the person is rich, content and stays happy throughout his life.

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