Person born in this month are the owner of wealth. He takes interest in areas of work. His behaviour is rude with others. Such people have benefit in works related to dealing. People of this Yoga should try doing auspicious works. He should try doing works which will improve his image that is spoiled on getting to over indulgence in opposite gender. 

Person born in this Nakshatra should worship lord Vishnu. He gets easily pleased when worshipped with Tulsi. 

Kartik Month Birth Remedies

Person born in this month should observe the following remedies to be safe from inauspicious effects. 

Offer food to Brahman couple in the month of Kartik.

Donate blankets, bedsheets, different types of gems and clothes. 

There is also a tradition of shoes and umbrella. 

Donating Til, having bath in river, having food in plates made of Palash leaves gives salvation to a person. 

Observe silence vow in Kartik month. Eat food in leaves of Palash and bath in water mixed in Til.