The 12 signs of the Zodiac are divided into 27 equal parts, starting from the first point of Aries. These are called Asterism or in Hindu system of Astrology as Nakshatras. The Nakshatra in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth is called Janam Nakshatra - Asterism of the birth.

Each Nakshatras is divided into 4 ‘Pada’. and each Pada is of 3 deg and 20 mins.

Every person born on this earth is a part of some or the other Nakshatra. There is a great influence of the  Nakshatra on the physical and mental characteristics of the natives. The general characteristics of the Nakshatras are as follows.


Ruled by Ketu. Natives of this Nakshatra are generally beautiful in appearance. They are sharp witted, fully accomplished and unperturbed. Usually they have calm temperament.


Rules by Venus. Natives of Bharani Nakshatra are intellectually inclined and have immense zest in life. They have scientific bent of mind. They enjoy good health and prosperity. They have steady mind and they seldom tell lies.


Rules by Sun.Natives of Kritika have strong physique and enjoy good health and long life. They are greedy in their eating habits and they have insatiable lust. As a rule, they are cunning and deceitful. They enjoy fame and move in high societies.


Ruled by the Moon. Natives have exceptionally large eyes. They are honest and truthful. Generally,they are generous and charitable. They are very good in conversation and have unperturbed mind.


Rules by Mars. Native suffer from inferiority complex. They are persevering in nature but love an easy way in life. Money comes to them easily.


Ruled by Rahu. Native of Ardra are not very trustworthy. Generally, they are insincere. They are proud and self centered. They have short temper.


Ruled by Jupiter. They rarely enjoy good health. They can be easily addicted to alcohol and drugs. Generally, they are polite and tactful. In business dealings, they are usually malevolent and are cunning if required.


Ruled by Saturn. Natives have calm mind. Highly intellectual and dutiful. They follow the rules and regulations and are righteous. They are noble in their outlook and philanthropic.


Ruled by Mercury. Natives have robust physique. Cheerful in temperament and have great zest in life. They are usually insincere and cunning.


Ruled by Ketu. Natives love easy and luxurious way of life. They love to surround themselves with beautiful things like flowers and fragrance. Prosperity comes to them easily.

Purva phalguni

Ruled by Venus. Native of this Nakshatra are philanthropic and noble hearted. They are pleasant in their behaviour and are tactful in speech. They are good businessman but lack steadiness in their mind .

Uttara Phalguni

Ruled by the Sun. Native suffer from poor appetite and are intellectually inclined and have a healthy mind. They are sincere and noble but are short tempered.


Ruled by the Moon. Natives of Hasta are brave and chivalrous. They are grateful and charitable. At times they can be merciless and mysterious. They are usually prosperous in later part of life.


Ruled by Mars. They can be distinguished among the crowd by their beautiful physique. They also have attractive features and beautiful eyes. They are fond of good clothes. They are good in nature. They are sharp witted and bright.


Ruled by Rahu. Natives of Swati are well known for their dignified manners. They are intelligent and are able administrators. They are tactful in their behaviour. They have a good self control. They are dutiful and make excellent citizens.


Ruled by Jupiter. Native of this Nakshatra are know for their jealousy. They are  stingy. They are short tempered. But, the best thing in them is they are god fearing and honest.


Ruled by Saturn. People of this Nakshatra can be distinguished because of their beautiful hair and eye lashes. They are dutiful and god fearing. They are more successful in foreign lands. They are always prosperous in life.


Ruled by Mercury. Native of this Nakshatra have bad tempers. Giving way to violent outbursts. They are not very prosperous but charitable.They have many friends.


Ruled by Ketu. Natives of this Nakshatras are very proudy. Also, they have bad tempers. They love discipline. They have steady mind.

Purva Ashada

Ruled by Venus. Natives of this Nakshatras stand out in the crowd because of tall stature. They are noble minded but are proudy. They are very generous towards the poor and needy. They are loyal friends but dangerous enemies.

Uttara Ashada

Ruled by the Sun. Natives are distinguished by their majestic appearance. Strong and muscular in body. They have a long nose. They have chiseled features. They are gentle and kind. They enjoy good food and good company.


Ruled by the Moon. They distinguish themselves for their high intellect and noble qualities. They have polished manners. They have great enthusiasm in life.


Ruled by Mars. Natives are well known for their individual nature and liberal outlook.They are fond of music. They are courageous and highly esteemed.

Shatha Bhishag

Rules by Rahu. They possess high intellect and virtuous conduct. They are always truthful and uncompromising. They are beloved of everyone.

Purva Bhadrapada

Ruled by Jupiter. Natives of Purvabhadrapada think lesser of themselves than they are actually worth. They are intelligent and are gifted speakers. They easily give up in jealousy and greed. They have little faith in God.

Uttara Bhadrapada

Ruled by Saturn. Natives of Uttarabhadrapada have great aptitude for arts and science. Unusually talkative and argumentative. They are generally charitable and kind.


Ruled by Mercury. They have perfect built and robust constitution. They are popular, heroic and have great attraction for opposite sex. Tactful and diplomatic they have wandering mind. They seldom do anything that is blame worthy.

There are few Nakshatras at birth with certain Pada that can be very harmful for the child at birth or for mother or father. To mention in particular are Mula, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha can be very dangerous.

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