Janaki Navami Fast is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Sita. The character of Mata Sita is like a guide for all ladies. Fast of Devi Janaki is also observed to please Lord Ram. As per the Vaishnav Dharma, Janaki Navami is celebrated on ninth day of Flagun Krishna Paksha. In the year 2012, it will be observed in 30 April. According to some other group it is said, this fast is observed on ninth date of Shukla Paksha, Vaishakh month. 

Like the birthday of Lord Ram is celebrated, similarly Janaki Navami fast is the celebration of Goddess Janaki’s birthday. Married women observe this fast for the peace and happiness of their marital life. Among men, Lord Ram is given the honour of ideal man. And, every women wish to live life on the norms of Mata Sita. Goddess Janaki is worshipped as faithful wife (Pativrata) who supports her husband in all circumstances of life. 

Janaki Birth Story

It is believed that Goddess Janaki was born on Tuesday in Pushya Nakshatra. A mythological story is famous regarding the birth of Mata. As per the story, once Agastya Rishi told - while traveling Himalaya, Ravan the king of Lanka saw a female sage. His mind was fascinated by the girl. 

Ravan went near the girl and asked the reason behind her not getting married since now. Vedati named girl said that her father wants to marry her to Lord Vishnu. But, once a demon got charmed by her and killed her dad. In that sorrow her mother also died. From that day she has been meditating to get married to Lord Vishnu. 

When Ravan came to know that the girl had no one, he tried wooing her with love. But on girl’s refusal, he forcibly caught her hairs. Vedvati had cut her hairs which Ravan was holding. She immediately jumped in fire and died. Before going in fire she cursed Ravan saying “I will take birth in form of a girl to take the revenge of the insult you did. And I will become the reason of your destruction.”

In the next life, she was born as lotus. As told by the astrologer, the lotus was thrown in sea. The lotus through water reached the Yagaya Mandap of King Janak’s land. King Janak got this girl from land called Jyoti. This girl was named Janaki in this birth and called Sita after marriage. 

Importance of Janaki Navami Fast

In Sitamarhi, birth place of Goddess Sita, Janaki’s birthday is celebrated as a festival. This vrat hold lots of excitement and enthusiasm together with faith and devotion. Janaki Navami fast is observed by making a Mandap of four pillars. In this Mandap, idol of Mata Sita and Lord Ram is placed. Also statues of King Janak, Mata Sunyana, plow and Goddess earth is placed. The Puja is performed in a manner that it looks the birthday of Janaki. Mangal Gaan is sung. Janaki Stotra is read. 

Janaki Navami Fast Method

To observe this fast, person should wake up early in the morning on the day of fast. All rules related to fast should be followed. And after bathing etc., Goddess Janaki should be worshipped. Rice, barley, Til etc. used be used as materials of Puja. Observing this fast fulfills desires related to child. Goddess Parvati gave a blessing to Mata Sita. This blessing or boon is forward by Goddess Sita to people who observe this fast. 

Mata Janaki is called incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Observing this fast brings happiness, money in the house. Goddess Janaki is also called ‘Annapurna’ as she was born from earth. Observing this fast grows qualities like sacrifice, modesty, motherhood and dedication.

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