The three main divisions of Astrological Science are as follows:

1. Predictive Astrology (Jataka) 2. Electional Astrology (Muhurtha)  3. Horary Astrology (Prasna Tantra).

Horary Astrology is based on the set of the moment the query is raised. The base of calculation in the horary Astrology is the time in which the query is put, as it is the time when the intention or the desire takes birth in the mind of the questioner. Hence, it has a great significance. It is important that the question should be put seriously in order to get correct results. Any question put with mischievous intention should be dismissed by the astrologer. Horary astrology is the art of perceiving the relationship between the thought as it arises in the mind and the pattern of the celestial bodies at that moment is influenced by it.  

The Prasna Tantra (Horary Astrology) can be divided into four major sections:

1. Prasna Vichara: The utility of the query and the planetary characteristics.

2. Bhav Prasna: Combinations for judging the outcome of the query on different houses.

3. Vishesha Prasna: This section deals with the specific questions such as person alive or dead, patient will recover or not, nature of illness, looking for a new job, theft and loss of articles, identification of the thief, marriage, thought reading, enquiry about a woman, nature of intimacy, nature of weather etc.  

4. Prakirnakadhyaya (Concluding Remarks): This section includes the inference drawn by the astrologer after viewing all the combinations and placements of the planets in different houses of the Gochar. .

Horary astrology is a system of prognostication which demonstrates that in time at which a query is put lies embedded seeds of the results. The astrologer should be assisted by the promptings of the great divine. The practice of horary astrology should be done under some moral responsibilities.For example, if the questioner has asked for the query of his father death. He should first understand the intention of the questioner. If the question has been put out of love and affection then the question should be taken as valid but if the question is asked with an aim of grabbing father’s property then it should be considered as invalid question.  

Any one in this world by inner urge can be inclined to approach an astrologer to know the answer of something related to immediate future. This is the result of the past Karmas or inspiration that leads to act. One should approach a learned astrologer, normally in the morning with fruits, flowers and money and facing the east. One query should be put at the time. The approach to an astrologer should be with reverence and humility. It is believed that once Lord of Brahma approached Lord Vishnu to learn Horary Astrology. The Jatakarnava says that according to God Shiva’s own words, predictions should not be given to the people who are mean, arrogant, atheist, violent and devoid of decent behaviour.  

The Moons situations gives the clue to the mind of the questioner or the agent. The intention of the questioner has to be judged. If Moon is in the ascendant, Saturn in the quadrant and Mercury is combust then it should be understood that the intention of the is questioner not honest. If the questioner puts a question pertaining to brother’s wife, then the house to be consulted is 9th as it is 7th house from the 3rd house. In the same way query of the stolen article belonging to a friend has reference to the 4th from 11th i.e. 2nd house. 

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