Transit of Mars in Leo will aspect Scorpio (4th aspect), Aquarius (7th aspect), Pisces (8th aspect). Hence, all the natives of these Signs will be activated.

Natives born in  Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, will face difficulties related to health. There will be  intermittent health problems like fever, typhoid, malaria. There will be heavy expenditure, obstacles in business, eye trouble, possibility of operation, displeasure of superiors, trouble to father and loss in speculation and shares. It is advised to these natives to take necessary precautions to reduce the ill effects. There is a likely hood for accidents.

If Mars is malefic in birth chart, then there will be loss of wealth, trouble from brothers and possibility of wounds, anger and fights with neighbors. But if Mars is benefic in the birth chart, then these natives receive good results like enthusiasm and courage, successful achievement of projects, expansion and profits in business, speculation and shares. Those in service can expect promotions during this period.

Transit of Mars in Leo for Other Zodiac Sign

  • Aries: For Aries, Mars is transiting in the Fifth house. This indicates increase in enemies and rivals, fresh disease, mental peace will be affected.
  • Taurus: For Taurus, Mars is transiting in the fourth house. That is not very fortunate as it will produce evil results as fever, digestive troubles, blood discharges and depravity of character.
  • Gemini: For Gemini, Mars is transiting in the 3rd house. This indicates gain of objects and pleasure. The natives will have good time with the children. They will enjoy good health.
  • Cancer: For Cancer, Mars is transiting in the second house which indicates suffering from quarrels, displeasure and disgrace.
  • Leo: Transit of Mars in Leo is a great time to do something sensational and with the fiery drive it favors initiating new activities for yourself. This can be a very exciting time. This is not a transit when people are prone to feeling despondent. It is remarkably happy.
  • Virgo: For Virgo, Mars is transiting in the twelfth house. This will lead to worries of various expenses, disease of eye, pinpricks from an angry wife, trouble from bilious complaints.
  • Libra:  For Libra, Mars is transiting in the eleventh house which indicates fortune for Librans. The natives will realize the projects pending for long time. The ventures will be successful. Native will be recognized in business or work place.
  • Scorpio:  For Scorpio, Mars is transiting in the 10th house, being the Ascendant lord and the lord of 6th, the transit will be fortunate. Professional growth is indicated. Also, Success in new ventures will also be observed. 
  • Sagittarius: For Sagittarius, Mars is transiting in the 9th house, which indicates success in trade but loss from agriculture, health and coordination from relatives.
  • Capricorn : For Capricorn, Mars is transiting in the 8th house which denotes discharge of blood, loss of wealth and disgrace. The native will remain mentally worried. But if Mars is strongly placed in the Natal chart, then it will bring some happiness through new projects and gains in money.
  • Aquarius: For Aquarius, Mars is transiting in the seventh house. This will bring some misunderstanding with your partner and spouse. There can be a problem of indigestion and stomach ache.
  • Pisces: For Pisces, Transit of Mars is in the fortunate position i.e., sixth house. This will relieve the piscean natives from troubles, worries and ill health. Overall, this duration will be good for pisceans.


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