It is optimum to have the minimum number of in auspicious Yogas in a Kundali. In the same way, it is best to have the maximum number of auspicious Yogas in a Kundali. The more the number of auspicious Yogas, the more wealth and contentment is received by the person. A high number of auspicious Yogas even cancel the effects of inauspicious Yogas. One such auspicious Yoga is Garuda Yoga.

Garuda Yoga Results 

Garuda Yoga is formed if a person is born in daytime when the moon is in shukla paksha and moon is in an exalted position in the Navamsa Chart A person born in this Yoga is usually spiritual, soft-spoken, polite, powerful and determined. Such a person usually has few enemies as they are scared of him. Poisonous substances are very dangerous to such people.

Chandradhi Yoga

Chandradhi Yoga is formed with the presence of Moon and three other planets. Due to the presence of auspicious planets, Chandradhi Yoga gives positive results. According to another argument, this Yoga is formed with the presence of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Mercury should be present in sixth, Venus in seventh and Jupiter in eighth for the successful formation of this Yoga.

How is Chandradhi Yoga formed

Chandradhi Yoga is formed with the presence of auspicious planets in the sixth, seventh and eighth house from the moon. A person born in this Yoga is usually highly ranked in government offices. This Yoga makes a person excel in any competition and makes him tackle the most difficult situations with ease. 

Karika Yoga

The fruits of any yoga are obtained when the native undergoes the dasha of the connected planets in the Yoga. The benefits of any auspicious Yoga are received by a person with time according to the positions of related planets. It is sometimes possible that a person born with Raj Yoga etc but is not able to receive any benefits due to different positions of other planets. 

Karika Yoga Results

If all the planets are present in the 10th house or the 11th house, or Lagna  or  7th House, then Karika Yoga is formed. A person born in this Yoga excels even if he is dishonourable. He excels in any field that he works in. 

If Karika Yoga is formed in the eleventh house, then the person receives help in the matters of income. A person excels in his career is this Yoga is formed in the tenth house. A person receives health benefits if this Yoga is formed in the ascendant.

Marital benefits and benefits related to business are received if this Yoga is formed in the seventh house. 

Dhwaja Yoga

The presence of this Yoga helps a person in being a good leader. As per the name says, such a person is able to move forward leading others onto the right path.

How is Dhwaja Yoga formed

If all the cruel planets are present in the eighth house and all the soft planets are in the ascendant, the Dhwaja Yoga is formed. Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars have been said to be cruel planets here whereas all the other planets are considered soft. 

A person born in this Yoga possesses the qualities of a leader and is a leader of his group. He is also a good actor. Such a person is the centre of attraction wherever he is present. This Yoga is related to success. A person receives benefits due to the presence of this Yoga. Such a person also receives health benefits and lives a long life.

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