According to the scholars, the person choice to enter in a business depends on the sign present in the ascendant. A person makes his living according to the sign that appears in the ascendant and the planets placed in it. It is believed that while analysing the business house ascendant is as important as analysing the ninth, tenth and eleventh house.

If odd signs are in the ascendant, the person gets success based on his courage and hard work. Such people possess the nature of leading and giving orders and achieve success in these kind of businesses only.

When even signs are in the ascendant, the person is a steady and serious. He is tolerant. Such a person prefers to work as a self help and support. They love to serve others and understand the importance of their responsibility.

Movable Sign

If movable signs are present in the ascendant, the person’s work is related to travelling like tourism, marketing etc. The person can be connected to a transport service and travel a lot. These people have to travel a lot irrespective of the field they are working in. They get success in travelling related jobs or business. 

Fixed Sign

If fixed signs are present in the ascendant, the person is stable and works at one place. He does not need to be solitary and works with full dedication. He is stable in whatever work he does and likes taking up steady projects.

Dual Sign

When dual signs are present in the ascendant, the person earns his living through both movable and fixed modes.The persons heart is not stable. Sometimes, he likes travelling and sometimes he just wants to be steady and stable. 

Other than these three signs, a person also chooses his business through below described signs.  

Fiery Sign

If any fire sign is in ascendant then the person is inclined towards doing the kind of business that requires hard work, dedication and struggle. The person achieves success through courage, enthusiasm and bravery. He makes his career with his own strength.

Earth Sign

These signs belong to Vaishya Varna. The person performs his work after giving it a deep thought and with proper planning. They are practical and work according to the circumstances. They understand the reality of the situation and work accordingly. They take up projects that do not require much energy.

Airy Sign

If air signs are present in ascendant then the person enters into creative field to make his career. He is interested in doing such a kind of work which involves creativity of thoughts. These people are intelligent and gets success in creativity relayed fields. 

Watery Sign

When water signs are present in ascendant then the person’s career is related to the expression of feelings and emotions. These kind of works includes teaching, philosophy, spirituality etc. Mystery and spirituality are associated with the person's interest.  

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