Mars, the fiery planet entered in the Zodiac Sign Cancer on usually takes around 45 days to transit to the next sign. This time, Mars came in the Cancer on 10th Sept’2011 and will stay till 30th October 2011.

The Bloody Planet, Mars in astrology represents bravery, adventure, courage, defense, terror,  accidents, fire, fight, war, blood, weapon, extreme sexual drive, medicine, secrets, enemies, poison, the color red, cruelty, stones, land, strength of the body, prestige, metals, etc.

As per Mundane Astrology, it represents natural calamities, terrorism, bomb blast,  acts, wars, big fires, pirates, train accidents and mishaps. The presence of Mars in a sign for 45 days is dangerous,

If Mars is placed in the zodiac sign Cancer it becomes a classic disaster. Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer; which means that it brings out its worst fiery nature. Cancer is a watery sign makes Mars very uncomfortable.

The fiery planet, Mars, in Cancer, cause devastating fires and accidents. When a fiery Mars joins an airy sign it is known to cause plane accidents; whereas in earthy signs it is predicted to manifest its presence in the form of volcanic eruptions and earth quakes. And when Mars comes into a 'watery' sign like Cancer, destruction will be in some form of piracy, tsunami and floods. Destruction will have some connection with water forms.

Mars in Cancer has certain positive effects too. In nativity horoscope, Mars in Cancer is considered as good as it gives neechabhanga rajayoga. It is believed that a debilitated Mars is better than exalted Mars in giving positive results. So if in a horoscope, Mars if favorably disposed in the natal chart might give additional courage to face the troubles and achieved success. 

Effect of Mars in Cancer on different Zodiac sign:


Mars is the ruling planet for Aries. Debilitated Mars will lead to ill health, fever digestive troubles, blood discharge and depravity of character.   


Mars is the ruler of 7th and 12th house i.e. the house of losses, expenditure and house of  life partner, Marriage. Debilitated Mars in Cancer will give rise to some gain of objects, access to riches, pleasure from children and life partner. Health will improve during this period, chances of some extra marital affairs. Also, expenses or losses can be reduced.


For Gemini, debilitated Mars will bring some troubles, being placed in the 2nd house it will bring some riches, but some insult or disgrace is also indicated. 


Some health related problem will occur during this period. Some unexpected losses are also possible. Cancerians involved in the deals related to gambling or shares should be careful while investing money on new shares.


For Leos, happiness will be lost in this period, mothers health can be affected and eye infection could be possible. Some bilious complaints can also worry you. You might get a chace to visit abroad.


Mars in cancer will be favourable for the natives of Virgo. Some financial gains are possible during this period. Also health will improve during this time.


Being the lord of 2nd and 7th and placed in the house the natives may have to face some problem related to their life partner’s health. You may have to face some problem related to profession rest will be a fortunate time.


Mars being the lord of your sign placed in the 9th house will bring some health related problems, journeys to distant places, religious deeds and some legal problems.


For the natives of Sagittarius the period will be unfavourable. some unexpected losses and disgrace and mental worry can lead to depression. children’s health could be a concern.


You might have quarrel with your husband or wife during this period. stomach ache, indigestion eye troubles can upset your daily routine.


This period can bring relief from troubles, some financial gains and riches are possible. You will remain pretty cheerful during this period.


Loss of fortune is possible during this period. enemies will increase and fresh diseases can appear. You child can be disturbed due to ill health.

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