DiopsideThis gemstone belongs to Pyroxene group, and is made from silicon and magnesium minerals. This gemstone is available in different categories of chromium, and found in bright colours known as Diopside.This gemstone is of very soft material. It is found in transparent and translucent both ways. It looks like a a glass with double refraction. Good quality materials are used in gemstone. When polished carefully and intelligently , it comes out very attractive. 

Chrome Diopside is green in colour and not very expensive.Out of all the green gemstones, this is the cheapest one. But Chrome Diopside has some flaws also, like it is found only in small particles  and is very rare to get in big shape. sometimes it looks black , because of its deep dark green colour. Bright Green Chrome Diopside is most appropriate. Because of its softness, it is most appropriate for making earring or a pendent .If worn in the form of a ring , it might break too soon. It is superior in quality like an emerald.

It is found in minor minerals around the world, but commercially it is not much available. It is mainly found in Syberia.Yakutiya is a place in Syberia , just above the north pole where its mines are located. In Syberia , winters lasts for 9 months , due to which it id very  difficult to get these stones out of the mines. That is why it is difficult to maintain consistency in  it supply. 

It very necessary to take good care of this gemstone, as it is very soft in characteristic.It it sensitive to  heat. It should not be washed with soap or powder , else it loses its shine. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Diopsside 

It is very creative, and also makes the holder creative. It is helpful to teach logic and analysis.Traditionally in the medical world , it is helpful to fix the pain and shocks in the heart , and are erased in the form of tears. It is more beneficial for those people who resist from crying, which is why it is called a gemstone of removing the sadness.It helps in maintaining communication with females.It helps to overcome aggression and stubbornness. It protects the individual from external forces and helps to maintain its own identity.

This gemstone increases academic learning.  It brings sense of humility and respect for better performance of the mind.In connects people in daily life and brings them together. Brings the feeling of love among people  and for animals .It provides a gateways to the feelings of a person that he has been hiding.

Chrome Diopside , increases the persons faith and trust level. The holder is able to achieve others confidence. .Maintains full faith in the perfection of the universe.

It controls the circulatory system of the human body. It helps to achieve idealistic goals. Green chips of Diopside is beneficial for medical practise. It facilitates healing in many ways. The person's physical and mental energy develops. It helps individuals understand the dual nature and joins two parts to make it one which means it is helpful to connect two different people and make them one. 

It is brought in use for physical body and increases the intellectual level and creativity in a person.  It polishes the writing skills of the writers and the authors. It is an magical gemstone for new writers and old writers as well who are facing problems with the writing trends. It helps them to bring down their thoughts onto the paper. Some scientist believe that Diopside is useful for mathematician and other brain works. It increases the level of activity.

Many scientists believe that it is also useful in making the pets calm. 

Healing Properties Of Diopside Gemstone

It gives relief from the diseases, and releases energy .It is useful in healing heart related problems , mental illness and physical disabilities. It takes away the physical weakness and  maintains a balanced flow of liquid. Removes the pain of the muscles. It keeps the person free from tension and anxiety.

Many scholars believe that other than blood circulation it also controls the order cycle and excretion cycle. It helps women in emotional way. It helps them keep calm after the menopause 

Where Is Diopside Found

It is found in Yahkutia region in Syberia. Other than that it is also found in Japan, Germany, Ireland, America and India in few quantity. But Srilanka , Madgascar, Brazil , South Africa, Burma, Pakistan, Taziksthana, etc are becoming an important  areas for its production. 

Who Should Wear Diopside

Anyone can wear it as per the need . People who feel shy to speak in the crowd can get benefit from it.


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