DharmakarmadhipatiDharma-Karmadhipati Yoga forms when the 9th house is in a mutual sign exchange with the 10th house, or both the lords are in aspect, or in conjunction with each other. With this yoga the individual is religious and participates actively in religious activities. By participating in religious activities, the person’s destiny is improved.

What is Lagna Karmadhipati Yoga 

Lagna Karmadhipati Yoga is formed when the ascendant and 10th house are in aspect or change position with each other, or are in conjunction in the 10th house or the ascendant. This yoga brings happiness, success in the career.These people are positive in nature and ups and downs in life do not distract them easily.

What is Lagna Bhagyadhipati Yoga

Lagna Bhagyadhipati is formed when the Lagna Lord and 9th lord are in aspect or change position with each other, or are in conjunction in the ascendant or the 9th house. This yoga gives strength to the person’s body and increases immunity. This yoga improves the luck of a person. The individuals all tasks gets fulfilled with the help of good fortune.

How is Raja Yoga Formed

Raj yoga is formed when specific planets are in aspect with each other, in each other’s signs or there’s a relationship between the lords of the kendra and the trikona houses.

If in Rajyoga involves auspicious planets and is not marred by malefic planets, then it yields favorable results.

A retrograde planet can give good results, but its nakshatra lord should not be in retrograde status. If a retrograde planet gives good results for the house it is placed in when it runs its own dasha, or in the dasha of its nakshatra lord.

When related planets or the ascendant lord transits through the houses, then the Rajyoga becomes MahaYoga.

The results of the yoga are obtained when the person runs the dasha of the connected planets, and the planets are placed favorably with respect to the ascendant or the ascendant lord.

If the related planets are debilitated, or placed with enemy planets, or if they are under the influence of the 8th lord or 11th lord then the Raj yoga is cancelled.

One Yoga Karak planet should not simultaneously be the lord of third, sixth and twelfth house and should not in conjunction with thirteenth, eighteenth, or eleventh house.

If the planet is also the lord of the 8th or the 11th house, then the fruits of the raja yoga are reduced.

If a yogakarak planet is the 3rd lord, 11th lord, or 6th lord, or if it is under any other kind of malefic influence, then it will not give the person the full results of the dasha in its antardasha. But if it is also the 3rd lord or the 10th lord and placed in the 3rd house  or the 10th house then the Raj yoga is preserved.

How is Kalpdruma Yoga formed

When in a horoscope, lagnesh, its sign lord, the sign-lord of that sign-lord, and its navamsh lord -- these four planets are in their own sign, or exalted, then the Kalpadrum yoga is formed.

How is Mridanga Yoga Formed

When in a horoscope, the navamsh lord of an exalted planet is placed in the kendra or trikona house along with a planet in its own house, or exalted planet, then it forms the Mridunga yoga which gives results similar to the Raja yoga.