Shiva is the lord of Chaturdashi Tithi.The person born in this Tithi, should worship Lord Shiva with full devotion. It is one of the Rikta Tithi. This is the reason , that while doing any auspicious work this Tithi is sacrificed.

How to evaluate Chaturthi Tithi 

Lunar’s two paksha , Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha cannot be considered for any work in this tithi. Shukla Paksha takes place , when the the sun lies at a distance from Moon between 157 degree to 168 degree, and when the distance is between 337 degree to 348 degree then Krishna Paksha takes place . 

Chaturthi Tithi Importance

In Chaturdashi, worshipping Lord Shiva and fasting is considered to be very good .The person who prays Lord Shiva on this Tithi, gets salvation from all sins.It is believed , that the holy water from moon’s art ,is drank by Lord Shivaji on Chaturthi Tithi, which is why it is auspicious to worship Shiva on this tithi. According to a belief , if a person worships and fasts in the name of Lord Shiva gets all his wishes fulfilled.