Celestite gemstone is also known as Celestine in many places. Celestite and Celestine, both these words have their origin from the Latin words Heaven and Sky. Many enlightened people say that it has its origin from the Latin word Heaven and while some others see its origin from the Latin word Sky. Due to the blue color of this gemstone it is linked to the Heaven or the Sky. This gemstone is considered powerful enough to help a person to get to know himself and to increase his/her will power. The person who wears this gemstone, feels light at heart and at peace. The individual may also feel that he/she is flying in the air and floating between clouds.

This gemstone is found in the form of crystal in the hard-rocked hills. The samples of this gemstone are found in the sandy rocks and in the lime stones. The demand of this gemstone is high in the market. In the hard-rocked hills this gemstone is found in a tabular form and in fine granules of crystals. The first Celestite was found in 1791 in Pennsylvania near Franks town. It was founded by a German fossil scientist named A.G.Warner.

This gemstone gives the delusion of a Barite gemstone whereas both of them are quite different from one another. If the delusion persists then the gemstone is warmed. If the color turns into yellowish green then it is the Barite gemstone and if it turns red it is Celestite gemstone.

Celestite crystal - Metaphysical and spiritual properties.

The person who wears this gemstone develops effective communicative skill. It also generates sweet thoughts like that of an angel and the person talks sweetly and politely. It not only develops the worldly capabilities of a person but also his mental capabilities. It also sharpens your mind and brains. Other than this, it also makes you more disciplined. Along with this, it is the right gemstone for your bedroom. If this gemstone is placed in the room where you pray, then it purifies the environment of the house as well. It is a good gemstone for both material and spiritual purposes. Its positive vibes spread everywhere you go.

Even though this gemstone is soft, it is very powerful. It keeps the psyche of its bearer at peace and removes tensions away from your life. It provides openness to your mind. It also develops your mental capabilities. Since it is soft in nature, it develops internal and heart-to-heart capabilities. It also helps its bearer to successfully analyse serious thoughts and problems and finishes off the seriousness in it.

It pushes you to get into constructive work. The people who have the capability of being constructive but remain quite about it, it attracts them towards creative work. If you are interested in meditation or are tensed in your life, it proves to be a very effective and helps you in your activities.

It is also believed that it is a very helpful stone for games that require mental strength. It keeps the energy levels up and to keep a balance in life, this gemstone is the best. It also consolidates the spontaneity of a person and relates the individual to divine worlds. If you wear this stone, your travel time would always be small and very easy going. Also, it gives the strength to convert dreams into reality. The individual’s thoughts are also purified by it. Even if you get really angry, it will help you to cool down and think. It even makes you a good citizen of the society and improves relations with the other members of your family and environment.

Let me tell you some more features of this gemstone that will be helpful to you if you possess it. Celestite gemstone helps in establishing successful mutual relations between people you want and it gives a push to the development of these relations. If these relations turn towards a bad direction, it helps to move them into the right direction. 

If your heart or your soul is sad and tense, it controls them and keeps them in one position. It always prevents suicidal feelings to come into one’s mind and puts the thoughts of living and working harder in front of you. If the situation around you is tensed, it helps to develop harmonious relations between people and gives the strength to get success in any project you take up. Other than this, this gemstone also helps to make a campaign or adventure successful. 

This gemstone, if kept in the middle of a permitted environment then it provides a spiritual awareness and helps to uplift ones spirituality. It also controls and keeps purity in the house. If this gemstone is worn in the middle of the neck then it improvises your communicative skills. The supervision and care of this gemstone is very essential. A very interesting thing to be known is that if it is kept under sunlight then it’s color fades away, thus, it should be kept away from sunlight or direct sun contact. It can also break easily so it should be kept safely and used with great care. 

Healing ability of Celestite

Its a magical gemstone for healing purposes. It also consolidates the problems related to eyes or eye sight and it helps to strengthen your eye sight and keep it away from problems. Other than this, it keeps your digestive system strong and healthy and kills poisonous bacteria. 

Colors of Celestite or Celestine gemstone

Majorly, this gemstone is found in light blue color and is bright in nature. Other than this, it can also be found in green, red, white, grey, yellow and orange color. It can be found in both transparent and translucent condition. The brightness can be of both mirror like or wax like in the gemstone.

Where is Celestite gemstone found?

This gemstone is mainly found in Ohio, Michigan, Madagascar, Sisile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Iran. 

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