The most auspicious date for marriage is selected to make the married life of the bride and groom happy. According to astrology, following dates may be used for auspicious wroks like marriage in the year 2011-12: 

Guru Astodaya | Jupiter Setting

Jupiter will be set from 25th April to 27th April and will rise on 24th April in East direction. From 25th to 27th April it will be in Balyatva Dosh.

Lunar Eclipse

All auspicious works are prohbited on Wednesday, 15th June, Ashadh Sankranti.

Shukra Astodaya | Venus Setting

Venus will be set from 24th July to 1st October and will rise on 2nd October in West direction. It is in Balyatva Dosh from 3rd October to 5th October. 

Pitra Paksha

Pitra Paksha is from 13th September to 27th September. Marriages and other auspicious works should not be performed during this period.

Bhishm Panchak

Bhishm Panchak is from 6th November to 10th november. On this day, marriages and other auspicious works are avoided in some parts of India but at other places this day is considered normal and auspicious works are done.  

Following dates are auspicious in the year 2011-12 for marriage and other auspicious works: 

Hindu Marriage - February 2011 Marriage Muhurat For February 2011
Hindu Marriage - March 2011 Marriage Muhurat For March 2011
Hindu Marriage - April 2011 Marriage Muhurat For April 2011
Hindu Marriage - May 2011 Marriage Muhurat For May 2011
Hindu Marriage - June 2011 Marriage Muhurat For June 2011
Hindu Marriage - July 2011 Marriage Muhurat For July 2011
Hindu Marriage - August 2011 Marriage Muhurat For August 2011
Hindu Marriage - September 2011 Marriage Muhurat For September 2011
Hindu Marriage - October 2011 Marriage Muhurat For October 2011
Hindu Marriage - November 2011 Marriage Muhurat For November 2011
Hindu Marriage - December 2011 Marriage Muhurat For December 2011
Hindu Marriage - January 2012 Marriage Muhurat For January 2012

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