AshleshaNakshatra is the group of stars. They have a significant place in Indian astrology. Nakshatras have been analyzed since ancient times. Personality of an individual is analysed by knowing the Nakshatra in which he is born. Auspicious and malefic is decided on the basis of planet and Nakshatras. Ashlesha Nakshatra is one of the various Nakshatras. 

Ashlesha Nakshatra Recognition

Ashlesha Nakshatra is a group of 5 stars. It looks like a Chakra. It is the 9th Nakshatra out of the 27. It comes under the Cancer sign. Ashlesha Nakshatra is near Sun and so, it can be seen in during early morning time.  It remains with Sun, one house before or after Sun. Mahadasha of Mercury stays for 17 years. Mercury is the lord of this Nakshatra, hence, people of this Nakshatra have special influence of Mercury and Moon. 

The naming alphabets of people born in Ashlesha Nakshatra, according to Charan are: d, du, de, do. Mercury is of green color and hence its gemstone is emerald. People born in Ashlesha Nakshatra are effected by Gand Mool . Hence, Gand Mool of this Nakshatra is also called Sarpmul. It is a toxic Nakshatra. It is an impotent planet so, it gives good results with other planets. 

Ashlesha Nakshatra Characterstic

Mercury is the lord of Ashlesha Nakshatra and Mercury is the Karak of knowledge. It is a Vanik planet, hence, people born in this Nakshtra are successful businessman, clever advocate and good speaker. According to astrology, people born in this Nakshatra are honest and opportunist. They don’t trust other people easily. These people are stubborn and don’t listen to anyone. They have large influence of Snake lord. Hence, they are relatively more grumpy. 

Ashlesha Nakshatra Career

People of Ashlesha Nakshatra are qualified practitioner. They prefer business over job. Such people don’t stay for long in any job. Along with job, they carry on their business. 

A person of this Nakshatra lack stability. Ashlesha Nakshatra people have a passion of doing some or the other task. They don’t have any predefined format. Actually, their life is like a moving river. They look forward to their work but, they get depressed on any failure and move out of socialism. 

Person born in Ashlesha Nakshatra is a qualified writer. He can become the best speaker through his tact. He leaves an impression on others by this quality of a good speaker. People born in this Nakshatra desire to hear admiration and never leave chances of self-prasing. they are full with wealth, prosperity and money. the have good ability to make decision which give them success. 

Ashlesha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Females born in Ashlesha Nakshatra are normal but attractive. They charm everyone through there nature. They are cultured and respect everyone. Girls born in this Nakshatra are very fortunate. Goddess Lakshmi reside in the house where girl of Ashlesha Nakshatra goes. 

People born in this Nakshatra should perform Puja for the peace of Gand Mool Nakshatra and worship lord Shiva

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